Season 1, Episode 6

He Gone

Jesse wrestles with the consequences of his actions with Eugene and reflects on his heartbreaking childhood. As tension mounts, Jesse alienates both Cassidy and Tulip.

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Full Recap

At church, Jesse briefly examines the spot where Eugene disappeared then carries on with his morning. He opens the doors to his congregation. Meanwhile, Cassidy stands on the balcony, having just witnessed Eugene’s disappearance.

Jesse delivers his sermon to a packed house. Sheriff Root looks at the empty seat that he had saved for Eugene. Jesse tells his congregation that their whole life will change in this moment. “Serve God,” he commands.

After the sermon, Sheriff Root asks congregants if anyone has seen Eugene, but no one has.

Quincannon gazes out the window of his office listening to cows in his slaughterhouse.

In a flashback, a young Jesse and Tulip sit outside the principal’s office. John Custer and the principal admonish them for beating up three kids, including Donnie Schenk. Jesse insists they were being bullied and begs John to take Tulip home with them, since her mother is in jail and her uncle is a drunk.

That night, Tulip sleeps in the Custer living room. In his prayers, young Jesse thanks God for making John do the right thing.

Back in the present, Tulip chases down a kid and forces him to hand over a pair of pants that he stole from her Uncle Walter. She returns to Walter’s house, where he’s passed out on his stoop wearing only boxers.

At church, Jesse goes over his daily itinerary with Emily.

Eugene’s bedroom sits empty.

In the church kitchen, Cassidy confronts Jesse about Eugene’s disappearance. Jesse ignores Cassidy’s concerns and leaves. Tulip walks in with groceries and Cassidy tells her he hasn’t told Jesse about their fling. He questions Jesse’s commitment to her. Tulip grows defensive and dares Cassidy to tell Jesse he’s a vampire, figuring Jesse will reject him.

In a flashback, young Jesse and Tulip wrestle in the Custer living room. John orders them to clean the dishes. When going to get more soap from the closet, Tulip overhears John talking on the phone.

Young Tulip crawls into Jesse’s bed that night. “Till the end of the world, right?” she asks. “Till the end of the world,” he replies.

The next day, the Department of Human Services picks up Tulip. Jesse angrily asks John why he sent Tulip away despite her good behavior. “She’s an O’Hare, there’s always gonna be trouble,” John says.

That night, young Jesse prays to God. “Please, please, kill my dad. Kill him and send him straight to Hell,” he says.

Back in the present, Emily directs a church play and asks Jesse for feedback. An unimpressed Jesse coldly tells the actors to stop smiling and to look more terrified. Quincannon stops by and asks to speak with Jesse.

In private, Quincannon orders Jesse to sign a deed and transfer for the church. Jesse points out that he won the bet after Quincannon promised to serve God, but Quincannon denies being a Christian. Jesse again refuses to sign. Quincannon vows to return.

Emily joins Cassidy on the front porch of the church and admits she doesn’t know Jesse as well as she thought she did. Cassidy assures her Jesse is a good man.

Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy and Emily eat a dinner that Tulip has cooked in the church kitchen. Jesse eats in sullen silence as Cassidy idly chatters about movies. Sheriff Root stops by to ask if they’ve seen Eugene. Jesse denies seeing Eugene, but Emily reminds Jesse that she sent Eugene in to speak with him that morning. She then covers for Jesse and claims to have seen Eugene leave afterwards.

Jesse walks Sheriff Root to his car and sees him off. Cassidy orders Jesse to help find Eugene. Jesse tells Cassidy that Eugene shot Tracy Loach in the head after she rejected him then turned the shotgun on himself. Jesse justifies his actions by saying that better men than Eugene have gone to hell. Cassidy points out that he himself is a sinner. He tosses a fire extinguisher at Jesse and steps into the sunlight. Cassidy bursts into flames.

Jesse marches back to the kitchen and angrily realizes that Tulip was already aware that Cassidy was a vampire. Tulip demands to know what Jesse did to Cassidy. He sneers at her for being an O’Hare with low standards. She storms out. Emily assures Jesse that she believed in him from the day he returned to Annville. “Well, that was stupid,” says Jesse.

In a flashback, John tells young Jesse to hide under his bed. From under the bed, a frightened Jesse watches as a group of men beat his father.

Outside, a man holds John at gunpoint while Jesse is forced to watch. “I prayed for this, it’s all my fault,” Jesse cries. The man shoots John.

Back in the present, Jesse rips up the church floor in the spot where Eugene disappeared. “Come back!” he screams.

Meanwhile, Quincannon leads a group of men with bulldozing equipment toward the church.