Season 1, Episode 5


The angels reveal all to Jesse about the true nature of his power, known as Genesis. An even more powerful angel comes to Annville to also hunt Jesse down. A tense argument with Arseface ends in disaster.

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Full Recap

At the Flavour Station, a blonde woman sits at a table near Jesse, DeBlanc and Fiore’s booth. Jesse uses the Word of God to force DeBlanc into explaining what’s inside of him. DeBlanc says it’s called Genesis and is the product of an angel and demon who fell in love. He describes it as “the most powerful entity ever known, the singular force that could shift the balance of power and threat all of creation.”

The blonde woman leaves the diner. Fiore and DeBlanc follow her outside to speak with her. As Jesse watches from the diner window, suddenly Fiore and DeBlanc start to beat her up, kicking her as she attempts to defend herself. Jesse runs to try and help her, but the woman throttles him. Fiore shoots her in the head and grabs her phone from the car. He sees a “wanted” flyer with their faces on it. A light flashes inside the diner and the woman’s clone emerges. Fiore, DeBlanc and Jesse pile into Jesse’s truck and drive off before she can get to them.

In the truck, DeBlanc explains that the woman was a seraphim and that she was resurrected through a process called “reinvigoration.” Jesse asks if he can call heaven with the phone, but DeBlanc says you need “angel hands” to use the phone.

The seraphim finds Fiore’s car keys at the diner and goes to their car. Inside, she finds a bible bearing the name of the Sundowner Motel.

In their motel room, DeBlanc and Fiore tell Jesse that the seraphim is hunting them down because they’re on earth without permission. They explain that Genesis is top-secret and would be highly coveted if angels and demons learned of its existence. The seraphim charges into the room and shoots Fiore and DeBlanc. A bloody battle ensues. Fiore, DeBlanc and the seraphim’s bodies pile up as they constantly die and reinvigorate. DeBlanc tells Jesse to restrain the seraphim rather than kill her to prevent her from reinvigorating.

The fight continues through the night. Cassidy walks in and joins the fight and finally knocks the seraphim unconscious.

Fiore dismembers the seraphim with a chainsaw, then orders Jesse to give them Genesis. Jesse refuses, figuring God wants him to have Genesis. DeBlanc warns him that there will be consequences.

At school, a kid says hello to Eugene, who is caught off guard by the friendly treatment.

Tulip barges into Emily’s house and orders her to stay away from Jesse. She hurls an art project made by Emily’s daughter and stomps out. Emily marches to Tulip’s car and yells at Tulip for breaking her daughter’s “art thing.” She storms back inside. Tulip knocks on Emily’s door and offers to fix the art project.

A shell-shocked Miles stands in his bedroom and listens to a message from Cynthia at Green Acre, inquiring about Quincannon’s meeting with the Green Acre executives.

Meanwhile, Tulip sits at Emily’s kitchen table and repairs the art project. Emily makes awkward chit-chat.

Jesse and Cassidy drink beer at the church while laundering their blood-soaked clothes. Cassidy inquires about a flower tattoo on Jesse’s back. “That’s my tulip,” Jesse says. Cassidy advises Jesse against keeping Genesis, but Jesse refuses to listen.

In the school cafeteria, the friendly kid joins Eugene, who typically sits alone. The kid’s friends reluctantly join them.

Tulip offers to babysit Emily’s sick daughter while she runs church errands. Noting Emily’s discomfort with the arrangement, Tulip tells Emily that she once had a kid. She then offers to run the errands while Emily stays with her daughter.

Jesse hammers a speaker onto the church roof in preparation for Sunday services. Cassidy tells Jesse that he’s making a mistake.

Tulip and Emily load church supplies into Tulip’s trunk. Emily reviews the errands with Tulip.

After school, the friendly kid invites Eugene to join him and his friends. They take Eugene to a dark culvert. Eugene warily follows. They light fireworks in the tunnel, and, despite Eugene’s worry, he realizes they just wanted him to join them. “It’s beautiful,” Eugene says.

Jesse sets up chairs outside the church for Sunday services. Miles drops by and tells Jesse that he’s thinking about doing something wrong because doing what’s right would hurt more people. Jesse asks for more details but Miles refuses to say anything further. Jesse gets distracted when he sees Tulip carrying supplies inside the church.

Cassidy corners Tulip in the supply closet and hears Jesse call her name. “You’re his Tulip,” Cassidy realizes. Tulip hides Cassidy then explains to Jesse that she’s helping Emily. She and Jesse leave the closet. A heartbroken Cassidy remains inside.

On Sunday, Jesse prepares to address his congregants, who are beginning to gather outside. Emily tells him Eugene wants to talk. Jesse puts off Eugene and commends Emily and Tulip for setting up the church. Emily frowns when she hears Tulip’s name and tells Jesse she’s sending Eugene in.

Eugene asks Jesse to reverse what he did to Mrs. Loach. “I just don’t think that God would like that. Not like that. It’s cheating,” he says. Jesse tells Eugene that what he did for Eugene and what he’s about to do for the town is God’s will. “It is not cheating,” he growls. Eugene tells Jesse that he can’t force people to see the light. “Go to hell, Eugene!” Jesse roars, accidentally using the Word of God. He hears a horrible noise and turns around: Eugene is gone.

Miles stands at the scene of a horrific car crash. The bodies of the Green Acre executives are charred to a crisp. Miles calls Cynthia and tells her there’s been an accident.