Season 1, Episode 8

Rock Quarry

Ed and Marcus are challenged to blast 100 tons of rock from an open-faced quarry through a mountainside and ready the rock for an anxious client.

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Full Recap

In Sheridan, Oregon, foreman Mike and safety consultant Kim of DK Quarries tell Marcus and Ed their main challenge: Process 100 tons of rock into 1.5 inch aggregate before the client arrives.

First, Ed and Marcus must get the rock from the mountainside by igniting explosives inside 45 ft deep holes. The guys agree that whoever digs the hole fastest will set off the detonator. Ed forgets to put the dust vacuum on but finishes in under 20 minutes. Because he gets the drill bit stuck, Marcus comes in two minutes over Ed’s time. Ed is the “master blaster.” The quarry crew helps the guys pack explosives into the holes. Ed hits the detonator and the mountainside erupts.

With the raw rock ready for processing, Marcus studies his manuals and asks Mike about operating the rock crusher. Meanwhile Ed chats with Randy, who operates the loader and excavator, about dealing with oversized rocks.

The challenge begins. Marcus and Ed have two hours to process 100 tons of rock through the crusher. Ed uses the excavator to weed out boulders that are too large then uses the loader to scoop up the first pile of rubble (about four tons) for the crusher. Marcus processes the load.

Partway through the challenge, the crusher jams so Marcus hits the emergency break. Marcus shovels debris away from the belts; Ed checks the rollers. After clearing out a rock, they get the crusher back up and running. Just as Ed delivers the last load of rock, Mike calls time. He determines that the guys have met their 100 ton requirement. Shortly thereafter, the client's truck drives into the quarry for the order.