Ed Sanders

  • “Some of the challenges on Owner’s Manual have been absolutely fantastic fun, and the other ones have just been downright scare-your-pants-off-ya!”

    Filming AMC’s Owner’s Manual, veteran host Ed Sanders was able to live out several boyhood fantasies including flying a plane -- “…Until I was up there. Scratch that one right off the list!” -- and sailing “a pirate-looking ship!”

    A native of London, Sanders has a long hosting history, helming the popular dating show, Dial-A-Date, and then Fear Factor UK -- the British edition of the hit American reality series, which helped turn Ed into one of England’s most popular television personalities.

    Since moving to the US in 2005, Ed has made a name for himself amongst US audiences as well, thanks to his seven seasons on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

    The son of a carpenter, Sanders honed his building skills – and his fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants philosophy -- at a young age: “I was 9½, stripping wallpaper with a big old industrial steamer for my dad… The tube kept coming off… So I managed to find a very old coat hanger…snipped it down to about three inches long, wrapped it around the tube and fixed the problem.”

    According to his co-host, Ed’s approach to the challenges on Owner’s Manual is “like Herman Munster… He just kind of wants to go in there like, 'Rrrrwwwwrrrr' and figure it out.”

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