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Stream NOS4A2 Episode 6 Now: Maggie Takes on the Hourglass Man

In the latest episode of NOS4A2, the McQueens are still reeling from the fallout of the battle at the Lake House and Wayne’s kidnapping. Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings) lies in the hospital with a broken body after being T-boned by the Hourglass Man (Paul Schneider) in her high speed chase after Charlie Manx’s Wraith.

But just because Manx (Zachary Quinto) has what he wants — Wayne McQueen (Jason David) as his latest passenger to Christmasland — that doesn’t mean Vic is safe. Lying unconscious in the hospital, Vic is the perfect target for the Hourglass Man to finish the job he set out to do.

Watch NOS4A2 Episode 6 Now

When Maggie (Jahkara Smith) learns about this new dark creative, she’s determined to find out the truth of his power in order to protect her friends. But turning to her tiles can only tell her so much, and at a great physical and emotional cost. Maggie knows she has to go directly into the field of danger. She tracks down the Hourglass Man at a local hotel bar and attempts her reconnaissance mission — but she inadvertently learns more about herself in the process. Can Maggie get what she needs from the Hourglass Man without becoming his latest victim?

Click here to find out in the latest episode of NOS4A2 available now on and the AMC app for mobile and devices. Check out the on-air schedule here for more encore viewings and upcoming episodes of NOS4A2 on AMC.

Watch a sneak peek from Sunday’s all new episode here, in which Millie sets out to find answers about why the lights are flickering in Christmasland again. But she’ll have to confront the ghosts of the past to do it. 

For a behind-the-scenes perspective with the NOS4A2 cast and creators, check out this interview with Zachary Quinto, who plays Charlie Manx. Quinto talks jumping right into the action of Season 2, revealing the layers of the villainous vampire’s backstory and more. And don’t miss this Q&A with author Joe Hill, who teases the bigger world of Season 2, plus shares details about his unusual writing practice, how the NOS4A2 set is like stepping into his own inscape, and more.

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