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Joe Hill Talks to NY Post; Stephen King’s NOS4A2 Review at Dread Central

This week, Joe Hill talks horror with the New York Post, while Stephen King’s NOS4A2 review appears at Dread Central. Plus, Bustle lists the major questions it has after watching the Series Premiere. Read on for more:

• Talking horror with the New York Post, Joe Hill explains that “part of what you’re doing is finding stuff that people feel is reassuring — then you whip the carpet out from under it.”

Dread Central posts Stephen King’s review of NOS4A2: “Scary? Yes. Involving? Yes. But it’s also doing something network TV can’t or won’t do–showing working-class people doing their jobs and trying their damndest (sometimes failing) to be decent. The best horror stories are firmly wedded to real life.”

Bustle lists “the major questions we have about what’s happening to Daniel — and why Manx targeted him — after the pilot episode ended on a cliffhanger.”

Decider reports, “Nope, you weren’t imagining it: the NOS4A2 Series Premiere did indeed reference Pennywise the Clown, from IT by [Joe] Hill’s father, Stephen King.” adds that NOS4A2‘s references to Stephen King’s books and Joe Hill’s other works “play with the concept of inscapes, or inner landscapes, those imagined worlds that, in NOS4A2, certain people can will into reality.”

• For recaps and reviews of Season 1, Episode 1, “The Shorter Way,” check out So Many Shows and TVLine.

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