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Horror News Network Interviews Jami O’Brien; Decider Applauds Terror of Latest Episode

This week, Horror News Network interviews Jami O’Brien, while Decider applauds the terror of the latest episode. Plus, is impressed by the show’s horror. Read on for more:

• Jami O’Brien tells Horror News Network, “Horror and suspense only work for me if I care about the characters. One of the things that drew me to the novel was the complex, nuanced, honest way Joe Hill drew the McQueen family and their struggles.”

• Recapping this week’s episode, Decider explains that “by the end of the episode, Vic has learned that while there is some grey in the world, there is also extremely, extremely dark black; and it gets of the heart of what makes this show so terrifying.” calls the latest episode “a raging horror fest” and observes, “One after another, these sickening events set a horrifyingly ominous future for NOS4A2. And honestly, I’m loving these new revelations. We’re finally getting a real taste of the horrors of Joe Hill’s spine-tingling novel.”

• In a review of the episode this week, But Why Tho? declares, “Each episode of this season has progressively gotten better and ‘The House of Sleep‘ is no exception…The episode’s ending sets up the tone of next week’s episode perfectly and I cannot wait to see what happens.”

Cult of Whatever labels the most recent episode “solid” and applauds “the deeper characterization of Bing; I originally described him as gentle and troubled, and boy, does that hold up.”

So Many Shows enthuses, “Each episode just gets better. From the addressing spousal abuse to what some people go through when faced with a mental issue is great to see.”

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