Lou Carmody

Lou has built a life with Vic and raising her child -- a life in which he’s always played second fiddle to Vic’s wants and needs. But when Vic puts their child in jeopardy, Lou’s forced to standup for himself and fight for his family.

Played by Jonathan Langdon

Raised in Pickering, Ontario, Jonathan Marcus Langdon always had a dream to make people laugh as a full time profession. It wasn't until his time at the University of Toronto, when he was given the chance to perform in the sketch troupe, Kathleen Turner Overdrive!, that he felt he could make his dream a reality. It was also during this time that he met the beautiful Christina, and graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Drama. With his future wife by his side, he continued pursuing his dream, which led to winning awards at the Toronto Sketch Festival, as well as the spin off troupe Reverse Oreo. Jonathan continued to further his education and graduated from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education with a second degree. With his Bachelor of Education, Jonathan became an elementary school teacher to help kids and make them laugh, just like an amazing teacher helped him when he was a child. During this time, Jonathan was asked to join the multi-award winning Toronto sketch troupe The Sketchersons - where he currently writes & performs every Sunday night, in Sunday Night Live. He also married Christina, all while pursuing his degree in education. Jonathan has appeared in various TV/Film productions such as Ricky Gervais’ Special Correspondents, Sensitive Skin alongside Kim Cattrall and Don McKellar, a YTV series called The Game alongside Samantha Bee and Jonathan Torrens and was a series regular on The CW’s No Tomorrow, as the loveable and hilarious Hank. These days, Jonathan can be seen in the feature films Killer High, Buffaloed and Crossword Mysteries, and on the small screen with roles in American Gods, But I’m Chris Jericho! and In Contempt. Jonathan is excited to be reprising his role as Lou in N0S4A2.

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