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Vogue Interviews Juliet Rylance; Bustle Talks Real Story Behind McMafia

This week, Vogue interviews Juliet Rylance, while Bustle discusses the real story behind McMafia. Plus, Den of Geek lauds Mariya Shukshina for her performance in the latest episode. Read on for more:

Vogue interviews Juliet Rylance, who says of playing Rebecca, “I love the fact that Rebecca’s whole ethos is, “‘How do we try and work ethically within the system that we have?'”

Bustle points out that “while Alex Godman isn’t real, his story in McMafia is apparently a familiar tale when it comes to the mob.”

• In a review of Episode 3, Den of Geek lauds Mariya Shukshina (Oksana) for a scene she plays “magnificently. She draws in her prey, pounces and leaves her for dead. But she only barely covers the pain behind it. The betrayal plays out on her lips when it doesn’t come out of her eyes.”

• Talking about McMafia, Juliet Rylance tells Build Series, “I hadn’t really known how much this kind of corporate global crime sort of touches the fabric of our daily lives at every level, and that I just found fascinating.”

Bustle declares that McMafia “shows that criminals in the 21st century are operating on a much larger scale.”

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