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Cast and Creators on Why Crime and Family Don’t Mix on McMafia

How do you tell the story of a massive, global criminal network on the rise? In the case of McMafia, through the lives of the criminals and their families.

The Cast and Creators Give an Inside Look at Season 1.

While Alex Godman grew up in a family whose lives are constantly in the shadow of his father Dmitri‘s involvement as a Russian gangster, he’s managed to spend most of his life keeping that reputation at arm’s length. That is, until an awful tragedy sends him down a dark path.

“It’s that wonderful conflict between a man who’s desperately trying to do the right thing and lead an ethical life versus this world which is based on expectation and cruelty, and selfishness,” notes James Norton, who plays Alex, a man being sucked into the trenches of organized crime in an effort to protect his family.

Not knowing who is and isn’t his friend, it’s not long before Alex is face-to-face with one of the most dangerous gangsters, Vadim Kalyagin. Hear what the cast and creators have to say about Alex’s fall from banker to gangster.

McMafia premieres Monday, February 26 at 10/9c. To stay up-to-date with all the latest news, sign up for the McMafia Insiders Club.

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