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Season 1, Episode 8

Episode 8

Unaware of his father's actions, Alex flies to Moscow, where he must draw on all his resources if he is to survive.

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Lyudmilla Nikolayeva cares for her sick mother at their home in Moscow. Joseph tells Lyudmilla that he will return in several days.

Alex Godman arrives at the Moscow airport. A customs agent scans his passport then asks him to wait.

Joseph looks for Alex in the airport terminal.

Airport police confiscate Alex’s phone and put him in a waiting room. Alex is driven away in a white van.

Joseph inquires about Alex at the airline desk. He calls Dmitri Godman to tell him that Alex did not show up at the airport.

Ilya visits Alex in jail and demands to know who Alex is meeting in Moscow. Alex insists he had nothing to do with Natasha’s death. Ilya gives Alex until nighttime to reveal his business contacts in Moscow.

Oleg tells Dmitri he cannot help Alex. Dmitri vows to destroy Oleg if he does not help.

Irina informs Ilya that her bosses have inquired about Alex’s disappearance after receiving a call from Britain’s Economic Crime Unit. She emphasizes that Vadim Kalyagin has lost the support of important people.

Ilya counsels Vadim to handle Alex through legal channels. Vadim glares at him.

A police officer releases Alex from jail and transports him to a remote location. Alex sees a convoy of cars arriving and flees. Vadim, Marat and a gang of men jump out of the cars and chase Alex.

Vadim and his men chase Alex into a subway station. Vadim hunts Alex down in a network of tunnels but Alex gets away.

Dmitri admits to Oksana Godman that he has done something bad.

Alex calls Dmitri immediately after escaping Vadim. Dmitri instructs him to meet Joseph at a nearby synagogue.

Ilya speaks to Vadim on the phone and offers to put out an alert for Alex.

Joseph brings Alex to Lyudmilla’s apartment.

Rebecca Harper checks out of the hospital. Katya Godman brings her flowers and arrives at the same time as Antonio, who is also bringing flowers. Rebecca introduces Antonio to Katya.

Oleg informs Dmitri that he has an important friend in Moscow who is willing to meet with Alex to discuss his business proposal. He writes down an address.

A woman picks up Alex at the designated address and drives him to a meeting location.

Vadim demands to see Ilya at work. The security guard ignores him.

Vadim strides into Ilya’s office and demands to know who is protecting Alex. Irina sees them talking. Vadim threatens Irina for turning against him.

Alex is brought to a meeting with Oleg’s friend, Grigory. Alex proposes that Grigory and his partners allow Alex’s associates to use Russian ports to move product into Europe in exchange for a commission and a guarantee that they will not sell their product in Russia. Grigory agrees to discuss the proposal with his partners.

Katya meets Rebecca for coffee and asks if Rebecca is seeing Antonio, then apologizes for jumping to conclusions. Rebecca tells Katya that she doesn’t know who Alex is anymore.

Vadim attends Natasha’s funeral and apologizes to Ilya for lashing out.

Alex presents his proposal to Grigory and his partners. A partner nods at Grigory. Grigory calls an associate and gives the go-ahead to execute Vadim.

Marat walks to his car after Natasha’s funeral. A gunman rides by on a motorcycle and shoots him dead. Ilya is abducted. Another gunman shoots Vadim in the stomach. Vadim escapes in his car and makes his way to the subway.

Irina talks to Ilya in an interrogation room and informs him that he will go to jail if he refuses to help find Vadim. She advises him to think about his family.

Grigory tells Alex that the man who shot Vadim’s daughter was arrested and implicated Dmitri. He advises Alex to distance himself from Dmitri and makes clear that Dmitri can never return to Moscow.

Vadim calls Ilya and informs him that he’s waiting at the safe house.

Grigory tells Alex that they cannot afford to let Vadim live.

Ilya arrives at the front door of the safe house as Alex and Grigory wait in a nearby car. Alex joins Ilya and enters the building after Vadim buzzes Ilya up.

Alex enters the apartment alone and aims a gun at Vadim, who is resting in bed. Vadim asks Alex to tell Ilya that he would have done the same thing for his family. Vadim warns Alex that if he wants to live this life, he must abandon everyone he loves. Alex shoots Vadim dead.

Dmitri visits Boris Godman’s grave.

Rebecca pays a visit to Oksana. Oksana tells Rebecca that she always forgives Dmitri even after 40 years of arguing. She insists that Alex is a good boy.

Alex visits his childhood apartment and receives a tour from the new resident.

Joseph gets ready to leave Lyudmilla’s apartment. Lyudmilla gives him a pillow with “J + L” stitched onto it. They kiss.

Rebecca takes a taxi to Alex’s home and packs her belongings.

Alex meets with Grigory, Antonio and Guillermo. Grigory informs Antonio and Guillermo that Alex has his confidence then excuses himself from the discussion. Alex hands the proposal to Guillermo and Antonio. Antonio declares that the terms are unacceptable. Alex asks to speak privately with Guillermo, cutting Antonio out of the negotiations.

Rebecca tearfully looks at photos of herself and Alex.

Alex tells Guillermo that in return for an open door to Russian ports and protection of the cartel’s shipments, he will take 50% of every consignment. He also demands control of all distribution that passes through their territory. Guillermo refuses Alex’s terms but Alex points out that the cartel has no other way of getting their product to Europe.

Alex and Guillermo exit the room and shake hands. Antonio extends his hand but Alex brushes him off.

Rebecca calls Alex.

Alex strides away from the meeting and sees Rebecca’s call. He does not answer.