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Season 1, Episode 7

Episode 7

Vadim is convinced to broker peace in Istanbul. Alex learns the dreadful price of his actions, and Dmitri makes a decision that endangers them all.

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Alex tells his family about his feud with Vadim. Dmitri orders Alex to stop working with Semiyon and to make peace with Vadim. He offers to contact a friend in the Russian embassy to arrange a meeting with Vadim.

A police detective questions Rebecca at the hospital and inquires about Alex’s ties to the Russian mob. Rebecca asserts that Alex is not involved in any criminal activity.

Ilya’s boss asks Ilya if he knows anything about the attempt on Rebecca’s life. Ilya denies any knowledge of the shooting.

Natasha invites Vadim to a going-away party that her friends are throwing before she moves to Paris.

Dmitri introduces Alex to Oleg, his embassy friend. Oleg tells Alex that Vadim has many critics in Russia who are impressed with Alex’s attacks against Vadim. He agrees to help Alex make peace with Vadim.

Katya tells Alex that Rebecca does not want to see him at the hospital.

Ilya informs Vadim that the Russian government will stop short of assisting the British investigation into Rebecca’s attack but that they want the feud with Alex to end.

Dmitri cautions Alex about meeting Vadim. Alex says that Vadim wants to meet in Istanbul.

Alex arrives in Istanbul and joins Semiyon in a meeting room. Semiyon assures Alex that he will give Vadim whatever it takes to ensure that he leaves Alex alone.

Ilya reviews the terms of a truce with Alex and Semiyon. Semiyon agrees to Vadim’s terms — including relinquishing his Mumbai partners and compensating Vadim for the stolen container shipment — on the condition that Vadim stop threatening Alex’s family.

Alex privately tells Vadim that he is willing to put the attempt on Rebecca’s life aside if Vadim agrees to leave his family alone. He declares that he is not ready to sacrifice his family for a life of crime. Vadim grants Alex’s request.

Semiyon sees Joseph outside the building and asks him to look after Alex.

In the car, Alex assures Joseph that he will take care of Lyudmilla.

Semiyon privately visits Vadim to warn him that Alex has secretly partnered up with someone else.

Antonio visits Rebecca at the hospital and invites her to see him in France after her recovery.

Vadim visits Alex at his hotel and asks him to tell Dmitri that his friend Veniamin will be happy to see him.

At the airport, Alex apologizes to Semiyon for ending their partnership. Semiyon forgives Alex and points out that the Mexican cartel might deliver him some profits.

Vadim eats dinner with Natasha and his mother.

The Godmans dine together and toast to Rebecca. Afterwards, Alex asks Dmitri who Veniamin is. Dmitri explains that Veniamin was a crook in Moscow who was beheaded for breaking his word. He goes on to explain that when someone threatens to kill you in Russia, they may say that Veniamin will be happy to see you.

Vadim devises a new plot against Alex and tells Marat to keep the plan a secret between themselves.

Alex calls Antonio to arrange a meeting.

Ilya’s boss asks Ilya how much of Vadim’s money one would find in his account, should there be an investigation. Ilya insists that Vadim is merely a friend and has never given him money.

Alex tells Antonio about Vadim’s threat on his life and asks to make a proposition to Antonio’s partners. He offers to use an embassy contact to open a back channel between the Mexican cartel and Vadim’s enemies in Moscow.

Oksana shops with Jennifer and regrets never having had an affair with any of her many suitors.

Dmitri visits Masha’s apartment and learns that Masha moved out.

Ilya goes for a walk with Vadim and again urges him to be on good behavior.

Alex meets Antonio’s partner, Guillermo. Guillermo agrees to let Alex speak to his embassy contact about back-channeling with Moscow, but warns that he cannot protect Alex.

Antonio hands Alex an envelope containing a Mexican passport for Lyudmilla. Alex gives the passport to Joseph.

Vadim instructs Marat, who is in London, to follow Alex.

Dmitri yells at Alex and Katya for sending Masha away. Katya reveals that Masha was pregnant. Dmitri reels from the news and lashes out at Katya.

Joseph goes to Israel and sneaks Lyudmilla out of Semiyon’s compound. Tanya catches them trying to escape. Joseph threatens to kill Tanya if she alerts anyone before the morning.

Vadim asks Natasha to sign some documents to put her name on his assets.

Alex informs Oleg that he has friends who are interested in meeting Vadim’s enemies. Oleg agrees to speak with his contact in Russia and asks if Alex is willing to travel to Moscow.

Dmitri warns Alex that going to Moscow is dangerous, but Alex insists it’s the only way to keep the family safe.

Vadim calls Marat and orders him to kill Alex.

Dmitri calls a friend in Moscow and asks him to do whatever it takes to protect Alex.

Rebecca permits Alex to visit her at the hospital. She reveals to Alex that she had been pregnant and that she will never forgive him for causing the loss of her baby. Alex reels from the news.

Marat follows Alex as he leaves the hospital.

Vadim and Ilya attend Natasha’s going-away party at a club. Vadim gives a speech about Natasha.

Marat follows Alex to his office, where Alex authorizes a transfer of money from Godman Capital to himself.

Alex withdraws money from an ATM machine outside his building. Marat follows him and gets out his gun.

After thinking long and hard, Vadim texts a message to Marat, “Abort.” In London, Marat receives the text, holsters his gun and walks past Alex.

A man hits on Natasha outside the club. Vadim walks outside to find Natasha. The man shoots at Natasha. Vadim shoots back but the assassin escapes. Natasha falls to the ground.

Alex arrives at the airport for his flight to Moscow.

Natasha’s body is removed in an ambulance.

Dmitri calls his Russian friend for an update. His eyes widen when he learns about Natasha. He tries to call Alex but Alex is already en route to Moscow.