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Season 1, Episode 6

Episode 6

Alex fears Vadim's next move as he increases the family’s security. Rebecca is torn as she struggles with Alex's choices.

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Alex meets with Antonio to discuss their partnership. Antonio offers to invest in Alex’s fund in the event that Semiyon withdraws his capital. Alex expresses concern for the safety of his family. Antonio asserts that it’s easier to operate in their world without personal attachments.

Alex and Rebecca get ready to attend dinner with Alex’s family. Rebecca probes into Alex’s trip to Israel, pointing out that it coincided with Semiyon’s exoneration and the death of two witnesses. Alex insists he has nothing more to tell her and suggests she stay home.

Alex steps outside and collects himself.

Vadim meets with Ilya and his lawyer to discuss a counterattack against Alex. Ilya discourages Vadim from violence. The lawyer suggests they revive old charges against Dmitri and expose Alex’s legal indiscretions at work.

Alex discusses safety measures with his family and insists on making new security arrangements.

Dmitri privately asks Alex if he is involved in dirty money. Alex insists he simply wants to keep Dmitri safe in the wake of Boris’ murder.

Joseph goes to Lyudmilla’s room and explains that he will speak to Alex about helping her. Lyudmilla thanks him and kisses him.

Vadim speaks to a hired assassin, Marius, on the phone and orders him to find out everything about Alex’s family and their movements.

Marius arrives in London with his team, a man and woman. They photograph Alex and Rebecca on the street. Rebecca tries on dresses in a clothing store. Alex receives a phone call from Joseph, who tells Alex that he’s planning to visit London and hopes to meet with Alex. The assassins enter the store.

Alex nervously looks around the street as he walks with Rebecca. At home, Rebecca confronts Alex about his paranoid behavior. Alex suggests she move out for a while.

Alex researches protection services on his computer.

Alex calls Joseph to request his assistance and offers to help Lyudmilla.

Joseph informs Semiyon that he has accepted a new security job in London. Semiyon agrees to release Lyudmilla on his own time, but not for Joseph or Alex.

Masha leaves a doctor’s office with Katya and declares that she wants to keep the baby while keeping the father’s identity a secret. Katya criticizes Masha’s decision. An assassin takes surveillance photos.

Rebecca tours a rental apartment.

Vadim looks at surveillance photos with Marat. Marat tells him that Rebecca moved out of Alex’s apartment.

Joseph arrives in London and introduces Alex to his friend, Allon, who runs a security service. Alex explains that he forced Rebecca to move out in order to protect her.

Natasha celebrates her birthday with family. Ilya advises Vadim to remember Natasha’s happy face.

Allon introduces the Godmans to their personal bodyguards. Dmitri implores Alex to let him know if something is wrong.

Marat tells Vadim that Klimov can take care of Benes whenever Vadim gives the order. Vadim says he has something else in mind for Benes.

Carolina goes to Benes with a bruised face and tells him that Milan, her drug dealer, beat her up.

Rebecca swims in the pool at her apartment complex. Sylvie, another tenant, chats with Rebecca while cradling her baby. Alex calls Rebecca to check in. He glances at Joseph guarding his front door.

Oksana shops with Jennifer, her bodyguard, and insists that Jennifer try on a dress. Marius enters the shop and compliments Oksana’s handbag but abruptly leaves when he sees Jennifer.

Dmitri chats with Monk, his bodyguard, and asks for Monk’s discretion. Monk stays in the car while Dmitri visits Masha. She pulls away from his advances but eventually gives in.

Katya tells Alex that Masha is pregnant with Dmitri’s child. Alex predicts that the news would break Oksana.

Benes beats up Milan. Milan explains that someone paid him to beat Carolina and will hurt Benes even more if he doesn’t cooperate.

Vadim urges Natasha to travel abroad despite her relationship with her boyfriend, Andre.

Sylvie joins Rebecca in the swimming pool and mentions that she and her husband are separated.

Benes calls Alex and asks to meet in person. In London, Benes asks Alex for $50,000 in cash to hand out as bribes. He tells Alex about the attack on Carolina and warns that Vadim will go after Alex’s family.

Sylvie sees Rebecca in the hallway and suggests they grab drinks in the evening.

A gun dealer delivers a gun to Marius in a parking garage.

Alex and Katya offer to give Masha 20,000 pounds a month to raise the baby somewhere else. Alex warns that they will fight her if she resists.

Marius assembles the gun in his room.

Dmitri shows Oksana an old family photo.

Marat informs Vadim that Alex hired bodyguards for his family. Vadim looks at photos of Oksana and orders Marat to do it that night.

Marius and his team park a car on a street.

Oksana attends a yoga class.

Alex meets with Benes at a restaurant to deliver the cash. Joseph sits nearby.

Jennifer loses track of Oksana at the yoga studio but finds her in the shower room.

Benes talks to Alex about family and assures Alex that one day he will get married and buy his wife a house with a swimming pool. Alex excuses himself and tells Joseph that Rebecca is in trouble, guessing from Benes’ knowledge of the swimming pool at her building. He tries to call Rebecca but gets no answer. Joseph offers to drive to Rebecca’s building. Alex rejoins Benes.

Rebecca gets out of the swimming pool and sees four missed calls from Alex. She does not call him back. Later, Sylvie arrives at Rebecca’s apartment for dinner.

Benes realizes that he betrayed his knowledge of Rebecca’s plight. He tells Alex that he gave Vadim information in order to protect Carolina. Alex runs outside and hails a taxi.

Sylvie’s nanny takes the baby for a walk in the stroller. In the apartment, Rebecca and Sylvie chat about relationships.

Marius waits outside Rebecca’s building and see Joseph speak to Rebecca’s bodyguard at the door. Joseph runs upstairs.

The nanny hands off the baby to Marius’ team on the street.

Rebecca informs Sylvie that she is pregnant. Sylvie gets a gun from her bag. Joseph rings the doorbell and shoots the door open when he hears a cry for help. Sylvie shoots Rebecca. Joseph shoots Sylvie dead then runs over to Rebecca.

The assassins drive off.

Joseph watches from afar as an ambulance takes Rebecca away.

At the hospital, a nurse informs Alex that Rebecca is in surgery.