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Season 1, Episode 5

Episode 5

Semiyon awakes to an awful accusation. Alex is convinced he's innocent and sets out to try expose his accusers. Katya unravels a shocking secret. 

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In Alex’s combat class, the instructor tells Alex to stay on the move in order to avoid his enemy.

Semiyon’s young boyfriend, Ezra, visits Semiyon at home after traveling abroad. They kiss.

Vadim and Ilya look at surveillance photos of Semiyon. Vadim presumes that Semiyon was responsible for disrupting his business in Mumbai and Prague.

Semiyon meets with an investor on his casino boat in Eilat. Lyudmilla abruptly leaves to smoke outside.

Joseph joins Lyudmilla on the deck and warns her not to appear upset in front of Semiyon. Lyudmilla says that Semiyon broke his promise to let her go and wonders why Joseph works for Semiyon.

Semiyon calls Alex to request a money transfer. Alex suggests they return Vadim’s stolen heroin to Pakistan and begin a relationship with Pakistan, thus undermining Vadim. Semiyon worries it would be too risky.

Karin apologizes to Alex for speaking to Rebecca behind his back. Alex apologizes for pressuring her to sign off on Semiyon and promises to cut off ties with Semiyon.

Over lunch, Masha reveals to Katya that she is pregnant with Dmitri’s child. Katya calls her a whore and walks out.

Semiyon, Tanya, Joseph and Lyudmilla drive to a party at the home of Semiyon’s friend, Yariv Ableman. At the party, Lyudmilla sees Ezra touch Semiyon’s leg. Later that night, she sees Ezra kissing another man.

The next morning, police arrest Semiyon at his home.

Alex receives a phone call at home and tells Rebecca that Antonio called.

Reporters mob Semiyon at the police station.

Semiyon’s staff watches news coverage of Semiyon’s arrest. A reporter explains that Ezra accused Semiyon of rape.

Antonio tells Alex that Semiyon will be useless to them if he ends up in jail. He hands Alex a contract and emphasizes that he would become a better ally if he got access to Semiyon’s ships.

Police officers process Semiyon at the station.

Rebecca argues with Alex over his involvement with Semiyon. Alex decides to travel to Tel Aviv to ascertain whether Semiyon will implicate him.

At home, Semiyon tells Joseph that Ezra was probably forced into making the accusation and asks Joseph to find out what Ezra told police.

Ezra cries at home. His face is beat up.

Joseph greets Alex at the Tel Aviv airport and drives him to Semiyon’s home. He briefs Alex with details from the party.

Semiyon assures Alex that he would never implicate him. Alex decides to stay a few days longer to help resolve the situation.

Rebecca calls Antonio and asks him to meet her.

Lyudmilla asks Joseph for a cigarette. Tanya watches them leave the room together.

Outside, Lyudmilla tells Joseph that she saw Ezra kissing another man at the party. She offers to help Semiyon on the condition that he let her go.

Joseph meets Alex at his hotel and asks him to speak with Lyudmilla. He also asks Alex to speak to Semiyon on her behalf.

In the car, Lyudmilla tells Alex that she saw Ezra with another man shortly before she and Semiyon left the party at 2:30 a.m. Joseph points out that Yariv knew every guest at his party.

Alex, Joseph and Lyudmilla meet with Yariv at his home. Lyudmilla describes the man who she saw with Ezra. Yariv identifies him as Reuben, a graphic designer.

Alex calls Reuben, pretending to be an art dealer, and arranges a meeting.

Rebecca meets with Antonio and asks if he knows anything about Alex’s last-minute trip to Israel. Antonio attributes Alex’s unusual behavior to the recent tragedies in his family. He cancels his dinner plans to dine with Rebecca.

Alex meets Reuben at a club and confronts him about his relationship with Ezra. Reuben leaves abruptly. Joseph roughs him up outside. Alex tells Reuben he just wants to know what happened at the party.

In a car, Reuben tells Alex and Joseph that Israeli gangsters threatened to kill him and Ezra if Ezra didn’t accuse Semiyon of rape. Alex promises to protect Reuben if he tells the police the truth.

Rebecca strolls down the street with Antonio and thanks him for assuaging her concerns. Alex calls Antonio to update him on Semiyon.

Alex assures Joseph that he will try to help Lyudmilla. Joseph visits Lyudmilla in her room and says that Alex is going to try and help her.

Rebecca and Antonio take a taxi to her house. Antonio kisses her on the head.

Alex stands on the beach and sees a vision of Boris swimming in the ocean.

Katya visits Masha at home and asks what she’s going to do about the baby.

Alex meets with Semiyon and offers to have Reuben testify to police if Semiyon signs Antonio’s contract, which would allow Antonio to use his ships for a fee of 30 percent for every shipment. Semiyon warns that Antonio is dangerous and maintains that Alex is doing this for power, not for his family. Semiyon signs the contract but refuses to let Lyudmilla go.

Alex calls Reuben and instructs him to go to the police.

The police go to Ezra’s home to interrogate him again.

Semiyon’s staff watches a news broadcast that reports on Semiyon’s innocence. Joseph shakes his head at Lyudmilla, indicating that Semiyon did not grant her request for freedom.

Police detectives ask Ezra who threatened to kill him. Ezra insists on speaking with Reuben.

Alex and Joseph wait in a car outside Reuben’s apartment building. As Reuben leaves his building, a motorcyclist drives by and shoots him dead. Alex stares at Reuben’s body in disbelief. Joseph drags him away.

Yariv hugs Semiyon at his home and apologizes for the incident at his party.

Ezra’s mother finds Ezra dead from an overdose.

Tanya informs Semiyon that Ezra is dead. Lyudmilla watches Semiyon from afar as he processes the news.

Joseph drives Alex to the airport and states that he would like to visit London soon. Alex insists he will speak to Semiyon again about Lyudmilla and urges Joseph to contact him if he decides to go to London.

Alex buys a ring for Rebecca at an airport jewelry store.

Vadim strolls up to Alex at at the airport and takes a seat next to him. He explains that he was in Tel Aviv to visit an old friend: Yariv Ableman. He leaves to catch his flight. “My regards to your family,” he tells Alex.