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Season 1, Episode 4

Episode 4

Alex unlocks a way to attack Benny Chopra and Vadim in Mumbai. Rebecca starts to think Alex is hiding something.

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Alex meets with Semiyon in Geneva to discuss Antonio Mendez’s intel on Vadim’s drug shipment. Semiyon warns that Mendez is dangerous but Alex points out that downing the shipment would damage Vadim’s reputation.

Drug traffickers deliver Vadim’s heroin to the Pakistan-India border. A man calls Chopra to inform him that the delivery was made.

Ilya urges Vadim to be more discreet in the wake of Josef Hancil’s murder. Vadim asks Ilya to dig up information about Karel Benes.

Benes attends Hancil’s funeral and nervously looks around.

The Godman family toasts Alex and Rebecca’s engagement.

Semiyon calls Dilly and asks him to break into Chopra’s compound to gather more information about the drug shipment.

At work, Alex authorizes more funds. In Mumbai, Dilly collects his cash payment.

Dilly spies on Chopra’s compound from a roof.

Dmitri begs Oksana for forgiveness and insists he will never see Masha again. Oksana refuses to look at him.

Karin tries to access the global fund but her password is denied.

Dilly asks PJ to sneak his crew inside Chopra’s compound.

Karin asks Alex why he hasn’t filed any reports on the global fund. Alex agrees to give her access. Afterwards, he looks up the phone number for Tobe Miller, the IT employee that he fired.

PJ sneaks Dilly and his crew into Chopra’s compound at night. Sunil, an accountant, discovers them in Chopra’s office. Dilly orders him to access computer files using his security passwords.

Dilly takes Sunil for a drive then shoots him dead in the street.

Alex meets with Tobe, who reveals that he knows about Alex’s illegal activity. Alex seeks Tobe’s advice for making his activity more secure from prying eyes.

Benes nervously walks through the streets of Prague. He purchases a new sim card and security software.

Guava prints out documents obtained from Chopra’s office but finds nothing about a heroin shipment.

Vadim meets with his Pakistani contact to discuss the shipping route of the heroin shipment.

At a warehouse, the heroin gets packed into washing machines, which are then loaded into cargo containers.

Rebecca hears Alex’s second phone ringing. Alex explains that everyone at work received second phones.

Semiyon informs Alex that Vadim’s shipment will arrive in Mumbai in two days but that they have no way of learning the name of the ship that will smuggle the drugs.

Karin gains access to the global fund on her computer. Alex and Tobe remotely monitor her activity from Tobe’s apartment. Alex asks Tobe if he knows any good hackers in India.

In Bangalore, a hacker named Jammy puts his kids to sleep then retreats into an office filled with computer screens.

Karin meets with Rebecca at a pub and shares her concerns about the global fund. Rebecca mentions Alex’s second phone but Karin says that they never received second phones at work.

Ilya informs Vadim that they tapped into Benes’s personal phone but that he never discusses business on it. Vadim notices that Benes has a daughter.

Dilly barges into Jammy’s home and orders him to help with a task.

Rebecca asks Dmitri if he knows of Semiyon Kleiman. Dmitri recalls Semiyon but assures Rebecca that Alex would not take bad money.

At work, Alex transfers money to Mumbai.

Dilly stands over Jammy’s shoulder as Jammy hacks into Chopra’s phone. Jammy tracks down an email that contains the name of a ship and its destination. Dilly asks Jammy to obtain the ship manifest to figure out which containers belongs to Chopra.

Benes’s daughter, Carolina, arrives at a club. A bouncer pats her down and finds a packet of cocaine. The bouncer confiscates her phone and secretly replaces the sim card while Caroline is dragged off.

At FSB Headquarters in Moscow, an employee alerts Ilya that they’ve gained access to Carolina’s phone.

Rebecca asks Sydney Bloom if he knows of Semiyon Kleiman. Bloom says that Semiyon had an “unsavory” reputation before becoming a politician.

Jammy asks a former port authority worker if there was anything at the port that might have been connected to a central computer system. The worker mentions vending machines.

In jail, an officer gives Carolina her phone and suggests she call her father for help.

Ilya listens in as Carolina calls Benes in tears. Benes hangs up and calls Carolina from his second phone, allowing Ilya access to his second phone.

Rebecca finds foreign currency in Alex’s bedside table. On his computer, she sees that Alex has been looking at weather forecasts for Geneva, Cyprus, Tel Aviv, the Cayman Islands and Dubai.

Dilly and his crew barge into the offices of Bee Bathy, a vending machine company.

Guava drives a Bee Bathy truck to the Mumbai Port Authority and places a card in the digital reader of a vending machine, granting Jammy access to the central computer system. Jammy obtains the manifest.

A truck drives Chopra’s container to the port.

Semiyon calls Alex to alert him that they found a way into the port. He warns that Vadim will eventually trace the heist back to them.

Vadim pours a drink at home.

Jammy tracks down the locations of Chopra’s containers and sees that one of the containers is about to be loaded onto the ship.

Jammy creates port security access for Guava, who is parked in a truck outside the port. Guava passes the checkpoint with his falsified security pass.

Alex sits in a park, waiting for updates.

Guava instructs a crane operator to cancel the shipment and load the container onto his truck. Jammy processes the customs forms for the canceled container. The checkpoint guard clears the forms and waves Guava through the exit gate.

Alex receives a text: “It’s done.”

Chopra calls Vadim to inform him of “complications.”

Rebecca confronts Alex about letting Semiyon invest in his fund. Alex insists that he plans to stop working with Semiyon now that his fund is stable.

Ilya tells Vadim that their associates in Moscow are upset about the hijacked shipment. He presents Benes’s phone log and points out some scrambled calls to Semiyon Kleiman. He says Semiyon and Benes met in Prague around the time of Reznik’s death.

Alex watches Rebecca in bed.

Jammy returns to his family.

Dilly visits Chopra’s body in a dump and spits on it.