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Season 1, Episode 3

Episode 3

A mysterious figure reaches out to Alex, who is not all he seems. While Dmitri deals with grief, Oksana learns of a secret that could rock the family.

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In Prague, the police pull over two of Vadim’s trucks and confiscate drugs and counterfeit beer. Benes gives a cash bribe to Josef Hancil, the officer in charge.

At Reznik’s factory, Benes instructs a worker to hide the confiscated beer until the end of the month.

Vadim interrogates his associate Marat about the uptick in confiscated shipments in Prague. He wonders if the raids are related to Reznik’s death, but Marat says the two are unrelated, according to his contact in Prague.

At work, Alex authorizes a payment of $225,000 to the Czech Asset Management and another $100,000 to Prague Investment Services.

Alex accompanies Dmitri to a physical therapy session. A doctor suggests to Alex that Dmitri seek counseling for his depression, but Alex insists his family will look after Dmitri.

Alex escorts Dmitri into his apartment building.

A man approaches Rebecca at a work function and introduces himself as Antonio Mendez, a former classmate of Alex at Harvard. He mentions that he tried to convince Alex to visit him in France and brings up the possibility of investing in Alex’s fund.

Rebecca suggests to Alex that they visit Antonio in France to discuss investment possibilities.

Alex shows Rebecca a Harvard photo of Antonio Mendez on his computer. Rebecca remarks that the photo looks nothing like Antonio.

At work, Karin reminds Alex to supply her with details on the global fund. She seeks Alex’s permission to fire Tobe Miller, an IT employee who had been caught snooping around the system. Alex receives a call from Antonio and asks the receptionist to take Antonio’s phone number.

Alex calls Antonio from a park. Antonio asks to discuss Alex’s global fund. When Alex balks, Antonio threatens to report the global fund to authorities. He invites Alex and Rebecca to visit him at his villa in Antibes.

Natasha plays with Ilya’s children at Ilya’s home. Vadim glances at a woman that Ilya is trying to set him up with.

Vadim tells Ilya that Chopra is demanding more money to bribe authorities and guesses that someone is financing his rivals in Mumbai and Prague. He thanks Ilya for trying to set him up but insists he is not interested in dating.

Semiyon tries to call Alex but Alex does not pick up.

Vadim informs Natasha that he needs to visit Prague for business. She begs to join him.

Alex suggests to Rebecca that they visit Antonio in France.

Semiyon meets with an Israeli official to discuss opening a casino ship in Israel. The official explains the prime minister’s concerns about crime and gambling addiction.

In a casino dressing room, Tanya teaches Lyudmilla how to entertain Semiyon’s business contacts while politely rejecting advances. She instructs Lyudmilla to listen carefully and observe how the guests negotiate.

On the casino floor, Tanya and Lyudmilla entertain Semiyon’s guests. Joseph closely watches Lyudmilla.

Alex and Rebecca fly to France.

Vadim and Natasha travel to Prague.

Alex and Rebecca arrive at the lavish hotel that Antonio booked for them in Antibes. Antonio greets them and invites them to his villa for dinner.

Oksana returns home and overhears Dmitri speaking intimately with someone on the phone. He tells Oksana that he was speaking to Katya then leaves to go for a walk.

Oksana searches the bedroom. In a drawer, she finds a love note from Dmitri to Masha, Katya’s friend. Meanwhile, Dmitri and Masha lie in bed together after making love.

Alex and Rebecca arrive at Antonio’s villa for dinner. Rebecca tells Antonio that she met Alex when they were both interns at Goldman Sachs in New York City.

While strolling around Prague, Vadim sees police arresting one of his counterfeit bag vendors.

Antonio says good night to Alex and Rebecca and invites them out on his boat the following day.

Vadim tucks Natasha into bed then leaves the hotel with his bodyguards.

In bed, Alex notices a missed call from Semiyon.

Vadim meets with Klimov, his contact in Prague, to discuss the recent attacks on his business. He guesses that someone is giving the police higher bribes and orders Klimov to find out who it is. He insists that Reznik’s death is related.

Dmitri notices Oksana’s distant behavior and asks if she’s okay. Oksana quotes his love note to Masha.

On the way home, Semiyon commends Lyudmilla for her work at the casino.

Joseph drives Lyudmilla home and explains that he left Moscow when he was six. He assures her that Semiyon is a good man.

Alex and Rebecca join Antonio on his boat. Antonio reveals to Alex that he smuggles cocaine.

Alex and Antonio swim to a nearby shore. Antonio explains that he would like to use Semiyon’s ships and infrastructure to move his product into Europe. He asks Alex to help persuade Semiyon to lease him a large cargo ship and points out that he would be competing directly against Vadim. Alex refuses.

Vadim visits Reznik’s apartment with Klimov and finds signs of a struggle. He orders Klimov to find out who was in charge of the police investigation into Reznik’s death.

Antonio invites Alex and Rebecca to his villa for lunch the next day.

In bed, Alex proposes to Rebecca. She accepts.

Oksana confronts Masha about the affair and orders her to stay out of their lives.

While strolling with Natasha, Vadim learns from Klimov that the police report on Reznik’s death was filed by Josef Hancil.

Vadim interrogates Hancil at a remote location and threatens to beat him with a pipe if he doesn’t reveal who has been bribing police. Hancil gives him Benes’s name. Vadim beats him to death.

Benes learns of Hancil’s death.

Vadim rejoins Natasha on the street.

Alex and Rebecca join Antonio for lunch on his veranda. Antonio takes Alex inside and informs him that Vadim is planning to smuggle a ton of heroin through Mumbai at some point in the next month. He asks Alex to pass along the intelligence to Semiyon as a gift.

Antonio takes Alex to a locked room in his basement and reveals “a gift” — a prisoner who has been severely beaten. Alex recognizes him as the man who killed Boris.

Alex silently rejoins the luncheon.