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Season 1, Episode 2

Episode 2

Semiyon coaxes Alex into a venture designed to harm Vadim's business in Prague. Meanwhile, a young girl is taken on a very different journey.

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A young woman named Lyudmilla arrives at the Cairo airport and informs a customs agent that she is in Cairo to work at a hotel.

Lyudmilla is greeted by two men claiming to be from the hotel. They escort her to a car and drive her to a remote location, then throw her into a van with another young woman.

Alex, Dmitri and Oksana drive to Boris’s mansion. Dmitri, who has been drinking, drives erratically. They meet with a realtor at the mansion. Alex experiences a flashback to Boris’s murder.

Alex opens Boris’s safe and finds surveillance photos of Vadim.

Vadim strolls through a cemetery with Ilya and maintains that Boris lacked the money or brains to come after him on his own. Vadim visits his dead wife’s grave.

Alex kneels at Boris’s grave.

Semiyon meets with Dilly Mahmoud in Mumbai and negotiates a monthly fee to help disrupt Benny Chopra’s operations.

Karin gives Alex the go-ahead to take on Semiyon as an investor. Alex tells Karin that he plans to invest some of Semiyon’s money in a small global fund.

Alex authorizes the payment of 600,000 euros to Parminder Advisory Services in the Cayman Islands. In the Cayman Islands, a woman mails a “certificate of incorporation” for Parminder Advisory Services to Dubai. In Dubai, a man presents the certificate at a bank and receives a check for Parminder. He brings the check to another man, who calls a man in Mumbai using a secret sim card. Dilly visits this man to collect his payment. He then delivers a cash bribe to an official. Meanwhile, in London, Alex receives a notice that the transaction was successful.

The kidnappers deliver Lyudmilla and the other young woman to a group of bedouin men in exchange for cash.

Alex and Rebecca arrive at Dmitri’s apartment building to join Alex’s family for dinner. The doorman informs Alex that a neighbor complained about Dmitri’s music.

Alex turns off the loud music in Dmitri’s apartment and wakes Dmitri, who fell asleep on the couch. Oksana tells Alex that she is losing her patience with Dmitri’s behavior.

Katya smokes with Masha, a childhood friend and ex-girlfriend of Alex. Alex summons them to dinner.

At dinner, Dmitri apologizes to Oksana for his behavior. She orders him to speak in English while Rebecca is present.

Alex asks Dmitri if he knew Semiyon Kleiman in Russia. Dmitri remembers Semiyon as a “nobody” who later became rich in Israel but says that Semiyon was too smart to do business with Boris.

Semiyon arrives in Prague to meet with Jan Reznik, a potential ally. Reznik’s right-hand man, Karel Benes, drives Semiyon to Reznik’s factory and complains that Prague is controlled by Russians.

At the factory, Semiyon offers to help finance Reznik so that he can compete with Vadim and the Russians. Reznik demands a five-million euro deposit, given the risks involved.

Alex authorizes a transfer of five million euros to Tursko Export International. Karin requests details on Kleiman’s global fund. Alex promises to send her details as soon as the fund shows signs of activity.

Vadim tracks down a dog, “Little Vadim,” and orders the owner, a potential rival, to give him the dog.

Lyudmilla sits captive with other kidnapped girls in the middle of the desert. A victim tries to flee after a captor rapes her. She gets shot in the leg. The kidnappers load the girls into cars and drive off, leaving the victim behind.

Alan Raynott chats with Alex at a publicity event for Sydney Bloom and asks who Alex enlisted to save his fund. Alex receives a call from Semiyon and withdraws to a secluded spot. Semiyon explains that the Czechs are ignoring him despite receiving the payment. He asks Alex to meet him in Prague to explain the financial details to Reznik in the hopes of convincing him to help fight Vadim.

A security guard for Benny Chopra presents Dilly with a map of Chopra’s secret compound in Mumbai.

The kidnappers transfer their victims to a new group of men at the Egypt-Israel border.

Alex goes to Prague with Semiyon, who explains that Prague is Vadim’s entry point into Europe.

At Reznik’s factory, Benes tells Semiyon and Alex that Reznik asked him to speak with them in his place. He explains that Reznik is worried about drawing attention from the Russians without protection from the Czech government. Alex and Semiyon imply that their financial support will preempt any need for state protection.

Semiyon strolls around the factory as Alex explains the financial details of their plan to Benes.

Ilya tells Vadim that he examined the accounts of Vadim’s rivals and found nothing suspicious. He wonders if Godman acted alone but agrees to look abroad for possible suspects.

Over dinner, Benes tells Alex that the only way they could have changed Reznik’s mind would have been to take violent measures. Alex tells Benes that Vadim makes more than 600 million euros each year from his operations in the Czech Republic, while Reznik makes a mere 20 million. Benes insists he is already convinced but that he cannot change Reznik’s mind.

Benes drives Alex and Semiyon to the airport. Alex quietly tells Benes that he and Semiyon would be happy to deal directly with him instead of Reznik.

Tanya, one of Semiyon’s associates, inspects the kidnapped girls in a warehouse and picks Lyudmilla.

Alex returns home.

Dilly’s associate, Guava, takes Dilly to a rooftop that offers a direct view of the entrance to Chopra’s secret compound.

Oksana grows bored with Dmitri at the duck pond.

Vadim and Natasha stroll around Vadim’s estate. Little Vadim brings them a dead animal.

Reznik leaves his factory. Benes stays behind.

In the middle of the night, Dmitri gets out of bed and leaves a message on someone’s phone. “Good night, my love,” he says. He climbs onto the roof and leaps off, only to land on a balcony below.

Reznik arrives at his apartment. Several of his men beat him up in the apartment and throw him off the balcony.

Alex rushes to the hospital, where Dmitri lies in a hospital bed with Oksana at his side.

Semiyon calls Alex to inform him that Reznik died after drunkenly falling off his balcony. He asks what Alex said to Benes at the airport. Alex says he had told Benes that he hoped they could do business together.

Tanya presents Lyudmilla to Semiyon. Semiyon tells Lyudmilla that they will take care of her sick mother and explains that her job will be to entertain his friends.

Alex returns to Dmitri’s hospital room and kisses Dmitri’s hand.