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Season 1, Episode 1

Episode 1

After a tragic event, Russian exile Alex Godman is drawn into the murky world of global crime as he tries to protect his family from their dark past. 

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Vadim Kalyagin arrives for a meeting on the Arabian peninsula.

A young woman enters a stall in a shopping bazaar and removes her hijab, revealing street clothes underneath.

On a boat, Indian businessman Benny Chopra reassures Vadim that he owns the police and port authorities in Mumbai and can ensure safe passage of Vadim’s heroin.

The young woman leaves the bazaar and joins a young man on a motorcycle.

Vadim gets in a car with his bodyguards.

The couple on the motorcycle ride alongside Vadim’s car and place a bomb on the exterior. It explodes moments later.

In London, Alex Godman joins his family at a charity dinner auction. Dmitri Godman, Alex’s father, asks Alex to speak in Russian, but Alex reminds him that his girlfriend, Rebecca Harper, does not understand Russian.

Dmitri grumbles to Alex about his daughter Katya’s date. Alex asks Oksana, his mother, to check in on Dmitri but she insists on dancing.

Boris, Alex’s uncle, talks to Alex and Rebecca about a friend in Israel who would like to put money in Alex’s investment fund. Alex politely declines.

Boris receives a phone call alerting him that Vadim is still alive.

Vadim lies in a hospital bed in Moscow. His daughter, Natasha, sits by his side.

At home, Alex tells Rebecca that he’s worried about Boris’s finances. He receives an emergency phone call from his mother.

Alex goes to his parents’ home to coax Dmitri, who has been drinking, away from the edge of the roof. Dmitri, unhappy living in London, vows to make peace with the Kremlin so that he can return to Moscow.

Vadim limps out of his hospital room with two bodyguards.

One of Vadim’s men tortures a source into revealing the name of Vadim’s assassin.

At work, Alex receives emails alerting him to an article alleging links between Russia and Godman Capital, his investment firm.

Alex meets with his colleagues, Sandrine and Karin, to discuss damage control. Alex instructs Sandrine to tell nervous investors that the article is untrue. He asks Karin to find out who is spreading the rumors.

Boris sees the article about Alex’s fund and calls Alex to check in. He insists that someone in Moscow planted the article to hurt the family.

Alex and Rebecca dine with Alan Raynott to convince him to invest in Godman Capital and restore confidence in the fund. Alan offers to help on the condition that he receive a share of the business and that Alex change the company name. Alex is reticent.

Ilya Fedorov, a colonel in the Federal Security Service, visits Vadim at the hospital. Vadim gives Ilya a cigarette carton on which he has written the name of his assassin: Boris Godman.

Alex asks Boris if he knows of any potential investors without links to Russia. Boris offers to speak with his friend in Israel, Semiyon Kleiman.

Alex researches Semiyon’s profile and informs Rebecca that he is a politician who made his money in shipping. Noting Rebecca’s skepticism, Alex points out that he has no other investors lined up.

Alex and Boris fly to Israel. While relaxing at the beach, Boris declares that he will take Dmitri back to Russia like a “king, not like a beggar.”

Boris introduces Alex to Semiyon at one of Semiyon’s nightclubs, where Alex also rebuffs the advances of a woman named Tanya, who works for Semiyon. Semiyon offers to invest in Alex’s fund but seeks Alex’s advice on how to secretly finance “a friend” whose business is getting thwarted by a rival in Mumbai. Alex describes how he would structure a fund to make the money untraceable, but makes it clear that he is not offering his services to Semiyon.

Boris urges Alex to take Semiyon’s offer, but Alex declares that he doesn’t launder money. Boris explains that he thought Alex might be getting tired of being “the English gentleman.”

Alex strolls in a park with Oksana, who advises Alex to accept Semiyon’s offer. Alex maintains that his proposal is illegal. They join Dmitri at a duck pond.

Alex looks over a merger contract with Raynott Associates. Before he can sign, Karin pulls him aside and says that she found out who started the rumors.

Alex drives to Boris’s mansion and accuses Boris of spreading the rumors to force him into helping Semiyon. Boris introduces Alex to three Russian associates who he’s having a meeting with. The men stab Boris and slit his wrists and throat. Alex flees, locks himself in the cellar and calls Oksana. He hears her doorbell ringing in the background and instructs her to push the panic button, scaring off the intruder.

At the morgue, Dmitri cries over Boris’s body.

Vadim returns home from the hospital. Natasha surprises him with a welcome home party.

The Godmans attend Boris’s funeral. Tanya approaches Alex, offers condolences and apologizes for Semiyon’s absence.

At the wake, Tanya introduces Alex to Joseph, Semiyon’s driver. Joseph gives Alex a business card for Kleiman Holdings with a sim card attached.

At home, Dmitri laments to Alex that he was asleep in his bed while his brother was murdered. Alex consoles him.

In the car, Alex tells Rebecca that Dmitri was not involved in Boris’s affairs.

Alex takes a combat class. Afterwards, he calls Joseph using the secret sim card. Joseph instructs Alex to arrive at a designated metro station in one hour.

Alex meets a driver outside the metro station. The driver takes him to a parking lot, where Joseph waits in a car.

Joseph drives Alex to a house where Semiyon is waiting. Semiyon explains that Vadim kicked his and Boris’s families out of Russia and took over their business interests. He describes his plan to destroy Vadim by taking down his empire, and asks Alex to help him. When Alex balks, Semiyon points out that Vadim will assume Dmitri was part of the assassination plot and suggests that Alex personally meet with Vadim to beg for his father’s life. He offers to arrange a meeting at a function in Versailles.

Alex packs for a trip and leads Rebecca to believe he is meeting with investors. He tells her that Boris’s friend retracted his investment offer.

Sydney Bloom, Rebecca’s employer, introduces Rebecca to a large crowd. She gives a speech about ethical capitalism.

Alex introduces himself to Vadim at a party in Versailles and insists that his father is harmless. When Vadim asks if Alex, too, is harmless, Alex maintains he is happy with his life the way it is.