Vadim Kalyagin meets with Indian businessman Benny Chopra to discuss moving his heroin through Mumbai. Vadim’s car later explodes, but he survives.

Alex Godman attends a charity dinner with his father, Dmitri, mother, Oksana, and sister, Katya. Alex’s Uncle Boris receives a phone call alerting him that Vadim is still alive. Meanwhile, Ilya Fedorov, a colonel in the Federal Security Service, informs Vadim that Boris was behind his assassination attempt.

An article alleges links between Russia and Godman Capital, Alex’s investment firm, causing investors to flee. Boris puts Alex in touch with his Israeli friend, Semiyon Kleiman, after Alex is unable to find an investor to restore confidence in his fund. Semiyon offers to invest in Alex’s fund in return for Alex’s help laundering money to take down a rival. Alex refuses.

Alex learns that Boris started the rumors about his fund and drives to Boris’ mansion to confront him. He witnesses Boris get killed by Vadim’s men and manages to escape before they can get to him.

Alex decides to meet with Semiyon after he’s approached by Semiyon’s associates, Tanya and Joseph. Semiyon explains that he and Boris sought to destroy Vadim’s empire after Vadim kicked his and Boris’s families out of Russia and took over their business interests. He asks for Alex’s help.

Semiyon hires Dilly Mahmoud in Mumbai to help disrupt Chopra’s operations. Alex transfers money into Semiyon’s fund to pay Dilly via an account in the Cayman Islands.

Semiyon offers to help finance Jan Reznik, a potential ally in Prague, to compete with Vadim. Reznik rejects the proposal but Alex informs Reznik’s righthand man, Karel Benes, that he and Semiyon would be willing to do business with him instead of Reznik. Benes has Reznik killed.

Vadim and Ilya begin a search for any accomplices that Boris might have had in the assassination attempt.

A young woman named Lyudmilla arrives at the Cairo airport and gets kidnapped by human traffickers. Tanya picks Lyudmilla from a lineup of kidnapped girls and presents Lyudmilla to Semiyon, who explains that her job will be to entertain his business associates.

Benes bribes a former police colleague, Josef Hancil, to confiscate Vadim’s drug shipments in Prague. Vadim investigates the uptick in confiscated shipments and suspects that Reznik’s death is related.

A man named Antonio Mendez approaches Alex’s girlfriend, Rebecca Harper, at a work function and falsely introduces himself as Alex’s former Harvard classmate. Alex agrees to visit Antonio in Antibes after Antonio calls him and threatens to report Semiyon’s fund to authorities.

Oksana confronts Dmitri after she discovers that he is having an affair with Katya’s friend Masha.

Alex and Rebecca get engaged.

Vadim investigates Reznik’s “suicide” and concludes that Reznik was murdered. He tracks down Hancil and beats him into giving him Benes’s name, then kills him.

Antonio asks Alex to help convince Semiyon to lease him a large cargo ship to smuggle cocaine and compete against Vadim. To persuade Alex, he passes along intelligence that Vadim is planning to smuggle a ton of heroin through Mumbai. He also reveals that he has captured and tortured the man who killed Boris.

At Semiyon’s request, Dilly breaks into Chopra’s compound and learns that Vadim’s shipment will arrive in Mumbai in two days. With the help of a hacker named Jammy, Dilly hacks into the Mumbai port authority and hijacks the heroin shipment.

Vadim arranges for Benes’s daughter, Carolina, to be arrested for drug possession. Ilya accesses Benes’ business phone when Carolina calls him from jail. Vadim and Ilya review Benes’ phone logs and deduce that Semiyon was responsible for disrupting his business in Mumbai and Prague.

Rebecca confronts Alex about taking on Semiyon as an investor despite his shady background.

Masha reveals to Katya that she is pregnant with Dmitri’s child.

Semiyon and Lyudmilla attend a party at the home of Semiyon’s friend, Yariv Ableman. Lyudmilla sees Semiyon’s boyfriend, Ezra, kissing another man. Police later arrest Semiyon after Ezra accuses Semiyon of rape. Lyudmilla tells Joseph that she saw Ezra kissing another man at the party and offers to help Semiyon on the condition that he let her go. She describes the other man to Yariv, who identifies him as Reuben.

Rebecca meets with Antonio to discuss Alex’s unusual behavior. Antonio accompanies her home after dinner and kisses her on the head.

Alex tracks Reuben down in Tel Aviv and learns that Israeli gangsters threatened to kill him and Ezra unless Ezra accused Semiyon of rape. Alex meets with Semiyon and offers to have Reuben testify to police if Semiyon signs a contract allowing Antonio to use his ships. Semiyon signs the contract but refuses to let Lyudmilla go. Reuben tells police the truth but is later gunned down on the street.

Vadim approaches Alex at at the Tel Aviv airport and reveals that Yariv is his ally. He issues a thinly veiled threat against Alex’s family. Determined to protect Rebecca, Alex suggests she move out. He hires personal bodyguards for his family and hires Joseph as his own bodyguard.

Vadim hires an assassin, Marius, to follow the Godman family.

Rebecca moves into a rental apartment and befriends a fellow tenant, Sylvie.

Carolina gets beat up by her drug dealer. Benes tracks down the dealer and learns that someone paid him to beat Carolina and will hurt Benes if he doesn’t cooperate.

Alex and Katya offer to give Masha 20,000 pounds a month to raise the baby somewhere else.

Benes meets with Alex in London and admits that he gave Vadim information about Alex and Rebecca in order to protect Carolina. Joseph races to Rebecca’s apartment and arrives moments after Sylvie, who turns out to be Marius’ accomplice, shoots Rebecca. Joseph shoots Sylvie dead.

Alex tells his family about his feud with Vadim. Dmitri orders Alex to make peace with Vadim and introduces Alex to Oleg, a friend in the Russian embassy. Oleg agrees to help broker peace.

Ilya informs Vadim that the Russian government wants his feud with Alex to end. Vadim agrees to leave Alex’s family alone after Alex assures him that he is not ready to sacrifice his family for a life of crime.

Semiyon warns Vadim that Alex has secretly partnered up with someone else. Vadim sends his associate, Marat, to stalk Alex in London. Alex meets with Antonio and his partner, Guillermo, and offers to open a back channel between the Mexican cartel and Vadim’s enemies in Moscow.

Alex gives Joseph a Mexican passport for Lyudmilla, obtained by Antonio as a favor. Joseph sneaks Lyudmilla out of Semiyon’s compound.

Dmitri yells at Katya and Alex for sending Masha away. Katya reveals that Masha was pregnant with his child.

Alex asks Oleg to arrange a meeting with Vadim’s enemies in Moscow. Dmitri calls a friend and asks him to protect Alex in Moscow.

Vadim orders Marat to kill Alex but changes his mind at the last minute. Meanwhile, a gunman kills Vadim’s daughter, Natasha, outside a club. Dmitri realizes that Natasha’s death is his fault.

Rebecca reveals to Alex that she had been pregnant and that she will never forgive him for the loss of her baby.

Lyudmilla returns to her home in Moscow with Joseph.

Ilya detains Alex at the Moscow airport and sends him to jail. He gives Alex until nighttime to reveal his business contacts in Moscow. Vadim has Alex transported from jail with intentions of harming him, but Alex escapes and joins up with Joseph.

Katya and Antonio visit Rebecca at the hospital, arriving at the same time. Rebecca introduces them to each other.

Dmitri asks Oleg to help Alex in Moscow. Irina, Ilya’s boss, warns Ilya to tread lightly with Alex and reminds him that Vadim has lost many powerful allies.

Alex meets with Oleg’s friend, Grigory, and proposes that Grigory and his partners allow Alex’s associates to use Russian ports to move product into Europe in exchange for a commission. Grigory and his partners accept Alex’s proposal.

Grigory authorizes Vadim’s execution. Gunmen shoot Vadim in the street. Vadim escapes with a grave injury and calls Ilya from a safe house. Irina informs Ilya that he will go to jail if he doesn’t help find Vadim. Ilya leads Alex to the safe house, where Alex shoots Vadim dead.

Joseph and Lyudmilla kiss as he leaves her apartment.

Alex gives Antonio and Guillermo a copy of the proposal that he worked out with Grigory. He demands 50% of every consignment that passes through Russian ports as well as control of all distribution in their territory. Guillermo reluctantly agrees to Alex’s terms.

Rebecca returns home and packs her belongings. She calls Alex. Alex sees her call but does not answer.