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  • The beautiful mother to Alex and Katya, the self-professed market girl has come a long way from her humble upbringing. Oksana is married to Dmitri, who has treated her like a princess. She has turned a blind eye to his criminal activity – she’s living a glamorous life with the only things she’s ever wanted: Alex, Katya, Chanel and Dior. With more and more chaos in the family, Oksana’s suspicions begin to grow and her patience for her husband begins to wane.

  • Mariya Shukshina is a Russian actress whose film credits include Burnt by the Sun 2: Exodus, Bury Me Behind the Baseboard and American Daughter. Her television credits include Dear Masha Berezina and Take Me With You. She hosts the show Zhdi Menya on Channel One Russia and was a member of the judging panel on Minuta Slavy.

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