McMafia_ Corporate_Dmitri Godman (ALEKSEY SEREBRYAKOV)_CMYK-800×600
  • The patriarch of the Godman family and a former mobster of considerable influence, Dmitri Godman is now something of a ship adrift at sea. Exiled from his beloved Russia and stripped of his power, he has struggled to adapt to the new and quieter life and society of London. More and more, his warm, loving sensibilities are undercut by a lingering depression and prodigious consumption of vodka, as he yearns to return home with his family to a better time and place that no longer exists.

  • Aleksey Serebryakov is a Soviet, Russian and Canadian stage performer and film actor. After working with the most famous Russian theatrical companies for years, Serebryakov emigrated to Canada in 2012. In 2016, he starred as Dr. Andrey Richter in Doctor Richter, the Russian remake of the American medical drama House.

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