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Jon Hamm’s Star Wars Audition on SNL; Janie Bryant Pens Variety Essay

This week, Jon Hamm’s surprise Star Wars audition shows up on Saturday Night Live, while Janie Bryant writes in Variety about designing for Mad Men. Plus, Vincent Kartheiser talks about starring in Saints & Strangers. Read on for more:

• Jon Hamm shows up on Saturday Night Live auditioning for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Bustle asks, “Ever fantasize about a cross between him and Han Solo? (If not picturing them as one person, I’m sure there’s an overlapping venn diagram of people who have the hots for Don Draper and Harrison Ford.)”

• Janie Bryant writes in Variety that “designing for Mad Men was what changed my life. In many ways, it also helped change the relationship between costume design and fashion.”

• Talking to GQ about National Geographic Channel’s Saints & Strangers, Vincent Kartheiser says, “You don’t always get an opportunity to do something that is so drastically different than what you’re known for, and I think it’s very scary sometimes to take those projects.”

CarterMatt‘s Golden Globe dream ballot in the supporting actress category includes Christina Hendricks, who “has probably a list of five or six iconic episodes of this show that she can look back on fondly, and lucky for her some of the great stories were still coming at the end of the final season.”

Forbes observes that Don “has inspired men of all ages to step up their dressing and grooming habits–or, to at least upgrade their hoodies.”

SFGate reports that Jon Hamm will participate in the SF Sketchfest comedy festival in January.

• Vincent Kartheiser, interviewed by Minneapolis Star-Tribune about Jon Hamm’s leadership on set, says, “There was a tone that Jon set and the way he approached other cast members that I very much admired. I would probably copy it if I could, but I’m very much my own person.”

TVLine posts a clip from National Geographic Channel’s Saints & Strangers, which stars Vincent Kartheiser (who is “looking much shaggier than the last time we saw him”).

• Talking to the New York Post about playing William Bradford in Saints & Strangers, Vincent Kartheiser says, “It was a challenge for me to undertake this role and find that level to play him at because the role is very modest and very devout.”

• Interviewed by about Saints & Strangers, Vincent Kartheiser says the Pilgrims were “very average people who took this, kind of, amazing leap and were faced with really daunting tasks in front of them to accomplish.”

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