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Jon Hamm Cast in Marjorie Prime; Colin Hanks Talks Mad Role

This week, Jon Hamm is cast alongside Geena Davis in a new movie, while Colin Hanks talks to The Hollywood Reporter about playing a priest. Plus, THR spotlights Don cheating on Megan with Betty. Read on for more:

Deadline reports that Jon Hamm will be joined by Geena Davis in a movie called Marjorie Prime.

• Colin Hanks talks to The Hollywood Reporter about getting cast on Mad Men: “I was not expecting to play a priest! In fact, I remember going through a fitting where I said, ‘I really was excited when I got the part, but I really thought I’d be one of the guys in the suits.'”

The Hollywood Reporter round-up of TV’s famous affairs includes Don and Betty, noting that “Betty was once Don Draper’s wife — whom he repeatedly cheated on — but she took her turn as a mistress when they sleep together in season seven.”

• All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth talks to MTV about Kiernan Shipka in ABC Family’s Fan Girl, saying, “For the most part she’s done a lot of serious drama and that’s a lot for a younger actor. I think it’s fun to see her step into a more casual, light-hearted role and she nailed it.”

• Kiernan Shipka tells E! Online, “Tony Hale was someone I actually did fangirl over, in person. He sort of came up to me and then I kinda just started saying words that were related to his characters on Veep and Arrested Development.”

Bustle calls Fan Girl “a new, modern take on Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Suburbs from back in the day… but starring a Mad Men actress and one of the most popular pop-punk bands of the late 2010s. What more could anyone ask for?”

Medical Daily reports that watching a high-quality drama like Mad Men “can improve your emotional intelligence,” according to a new study published in the journal Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts.

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