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Elisabeth Moss Talks to Rolling Stone; Jon Hamm to Play Himself in UK Series

This week, Elisabeth Moss talks to Rolling Stone about Peggy, while Jon Hamm will play himself in a U.K. series. Plus, Moss reacts to the Mad Men exhibit in New York. Read on for more:

Rolling Stone speaks about Peggy with Elisabeth Moss, who says, “From the very beginning, it was very much my intention to have her be an everywoman, to be identifiable.”

RadioTimes reports that Jon Hamm will play himself in the U.K.’s Toast of London in an episode this fall.

• Elisabeth Moss says the Mad Men exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image was “super weird. It’s so bizarre. To have anything you are a part of in a museum is so weird. And like, we went to Don’s office but there’s, like, glass now, so I can’t go in,” reports Bedford + Bowery.

Bustle uses Mad Men GIFs to glean “Peggy’s entire thought process on [Elisabeth] Moss’s performance in Queen of Earth.”

RadioTimes points out that a dress Elisabeth Moss wore as Peggy in Season 2’s “Three Sundays” was later worn by Anna Camp in The Help (2011).

Indiewire spotlights Queen of Earth with a 40-minute talk with Elisabeth Moss and her director, Alex Ross Perry, and a clip of Perry narrating a scene. Moss and Perry also speak with A.V. Club about Roman Polanski, “whose films were a major reference point for the two during the making of Queen Of Earth.”

Splitsider takes a sneak peek at last week’s return episode of Documentary Now!, featuring John Slattery as “the manipulative and probably alcoholic filmmaker William H Sebastian.”

RadioTimes runs down a list of the best music videos featuring Hollywood stars, including Christina Hendricks in Broken Bells’ “Ghost Inside,” where the “feisty Mad Men star plays a Hollywood-glam girl who ends up being an android trying to travel to outer space…”

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