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Jon Hamm Appears on Emmy Cover; Rolling Stone Profiles Fan Cut

This week, Jon Hamm appears on the Emmy Magazine cover, while Rolling Stone highlights the Mad Men: Fan Cut contest, in which fans can recreate the pilot. Plus, Christina Hendricks tells InStyle what she took from the Mad Men set. Read on for more:

• Jon Hamm appears on the Emmy Magazine cover and says Mad Men‘s last night of filming was “emotional and completely surreal because it was something we’d been anticipating – the mood of finishing the show had been hanging over all of us for months as the final scripts were coming in – and then, here we were at the moment.”

• Rolling Stone spotlights the Mad Men: The Final Cut” contest, where fans can recreate individual scenes from the series pilot that will be compiled into an entirely fan-made episode.

• Elisabeth Moss talks to David Letterman about the time Jon Hamm coached her before she had to throw out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs baseball game, saying, “Nobody saw us, which is weird because it’s Don and Peggy playing baseball in Central Park and no one cared.”

• Christina Hendricks tells InStyle that she took several items from the Mad Men set that were in Joan’s apartment because it was “like my home away from home.”

Yahoo TV has an exclusive video of Jon Hamm discussing his Mad Men auditions and how it was “a long process of convincing people to take a chance on this person that no one had really heard of.”

The Hollywood Reporter features portraits from the Berlin International Film Festival, including Matthew Weiner who was a member of the jury, and Kiernan Shipka, who stars in a featured film.

Styleite asks Christina Hendricks how she came up with Joan’s signature walk and learns that she’s a fan of Joan and Roger together (“as messed up of a relationship and dysfunctional as it is”).

Reel Life With Jane checks out new Season 7 photos of Don, who “looks very 1970s, doesn’t he? And he appears to be at some reception or possibly a wedding…?”

The Oregonian notes that Judy Collins has gained a new audience now that her songs, such as “Both Sides Now,” have been heard in shows like Mad Men. highlights its favorite films from the Sundance Film Festival, including Sleeping With Other People which stars Alison Brie.

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