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Top Five Most-Tweeted Mad Men Episodes for Season 6


It makes sense that the Mad Men episodes to generate the most buzz would be the season premiere and finale, but what about the episodes in between? Here are the top five Season 6 episodes that set the Twittersphere afire…

1. Episode 1, “The Doorway”
Don and Megan vacation in Hawaii. Don begins an affair with a neighbor upon their return. Roger’s mother and his shoeshine man pass away. Betty dyes her signature blonde hair to black. Watch the full episode now.

2. Episode 13, “In Care Of”
Pete’s mother is declared dead after she falls off the side of a cruise ship. Ted ends his affair with Peggy after he decides to run the Los Angeles office. Don reveals the sordid truth about his childhood in the middle of a pitch. Watch the full episode now.

3. Episode 8, “The Crash”
The SCDP staff are injected with an “energy serum” that results in dancing, knife-throwing and racing through the agency. At the Draper apartment, Sally encounters a female burglar claiming to be her grandmother. Watch the full episode now.

4. Episode 3, “Collaborators”
Don and Sylvia’s affair intensifies. Megan confesses her miscarriage to Don. Trudy confronts Pete about his infidelity with a female neighbor. Don alienates Herb Rennet during a meeting with Jaguar. Watch the full episode now.

5. Episode 6, “For Immediate Release”
Don fires Jaguar when Herb suggests help with the creative. Pete loses the Vicks account after catching his father-in-law with a prostitute. CGC and SCDP win the Chevy account together and merge as an agency. Watch the full episode now.

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