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Revisit Key Moments in Peggy’s Career Then See If You’d Make the Cut at SC&P With an Online Interview


Sun., Jan. 19 at 6AM/5c, AMC spotlights “Peggy Olson: Career Girl” with on-air encores of three Mad Men episodes showcasing Peggy’s rise within Sterling Cooper (Season 3, Episode 2: “Love Among Ruins“) and then later at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (Season 4, Episode 1: “Public Relations“). You’ll even see how she fared when the company transitioned from one identity to the next in Season 3, Episode 13: “Shut the Door. Have a Seat.” Think you’ve got what it takes to climb the corporate ladder on Madison Avenue? Well, first you’ll need an interview. Find out if you’d get hired at what’s now Sterling Cooper & Partners. Even Peggy has a question for you.


Click here for Mad Men’s full on-air schedule for AMC.

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