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Matther Weiner Named Emmy Icon by THR; Kiernan Shipka Stars in Funny or Die Video

mm507-don-sally-325This week, The Hollywood Reporter dubs Matthew Weiner an Emmy icon, while Funny or Die features Kiernan Shipka in a video as the child psychologist to the stars. Plus, TV Guide gets some Season 7 teasers from Weiner. Read on for more:

Matthew Weiner, named one of The Hollywood Reporter‘s Emmy icons, says that the number of Emmys Mad Men has won is “completely surreal.”

Entertainment Weekly showcases a Funny or Die video starring Kiernan Shipka as a child star psychologist.

TV Guide learns from Matthew Weiner that Season 7 “will be a completely new story and it will wrap up the end of the show.”

Variety reports that Oscar-winning screenwriter Robert Towne is joining Mad Men‘s Season 7 writing staff as a consulting producer.

Don Draper is named in a new book as one of Time‘s 100 most influential people who never lived.

Elisabeth Moss jokes with Postmedia News about Mad Men’s secrecy: “Everyone on Mad Men is going to join the CIA after we wrap because we’ve all become excellent secret keepers.”

The Hollywood Reporter floats ideas for Mad Men supporting characters that could star in a spin-off of the drama.

WhatCulture names eight supporting Mad Men characters that “don’t get the recognition they deserve.”

At New York Fashion Week, Christina Hendricks tells Elle she knows nothing about Season 7: “If I said a word, I’d get fired, then shot. So it’s better they don’t tell me anything!”

Harry Hamlin knows what will happen in Season 7 but tells The Wall Street Journal, “I can’t really give you any clues about what’s going to happen in the future, or I’d have to join the witness protection program.”

TheWrap reports that John Slattery will narrate a retrospective of Esquire’s 80-year history, which will air on the new Esquire Network.

The New York Times reports that Mad Men’s Season 7 will be split into two seven-episode parts and air in 2014 and 2015 and observes, “The one benefit is the addition of one episode beyond what had been originally planned.”

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