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THR Backs Jon Hamm for Best Actor Emmy; Matthew Weiner Talks Don’s Season 6 in Variety

mm601-602-don-luau-325.jpgThis week, Jon Hamm gets The Hollywood Reporter’s endorsement for the outstanding drama actor Emmy, while Variety gets Matthew Weiner’s insights on Don’s Season 6 trajectory. Plus, Elisabeth Moss talks about Peggy’s greatest moments with The Daily Beast. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter thinks Jon Hamm should win the best drama Emmy, asserting, “It’s time, people.”

Matthew Weiner talks to Variety about the end of Season 6 and how Don’s “creative prowess is not enough to make up for the destructive selfishness of the way he behaved towards the firm.”

Elisabeth Moss discusses Peggy’s greatest hits with The Daily Beast, which says that, over the course of Mad Men‘s six seasons, “no one changes more than Peggy.”

Christina Hendricks tells E! Online that she’s excited Mad Men’s writers are “pow-wowing and coming up with something. They never cease to blow my mind.”

Talking with the Associated Press, Christina Hendricks says Joan’s updo hairstyle is appropriate “because she’s very sort of in control and likes things in order and everything just as it is.”

Joking with the Chicago Tribune, Christina Hendricks says that after Mad Men wraps, “I’m just going to stay at home and write little scenarios for Joan because I just miss her.” Hendricks also speculates on Joan’s 2013 future with Refinery29.

Variety makes the case that Elisabeth Moss should win the best drama actress Emmy because “her portrayal of Peggy finally coming into her own and finding her power is relatable and inspiring to women of any era.” [No Link]

The Los Angeles Times conducts a video interview with Harry Hamlin, who talks about the total lack of information he had about his role when he started on Mad Men.

Interviewed by the New York Post, Harry Hamlin compliments Janie Bryant, who “makes sure everything is just right. Everything is from the period — the shoelaces and the cufflinks.”

During an online chat with the Los Angeles Times, Linda Cardellini says the reveal of Don and Sylvia’s affair at the end of the Season 6 premiere was “a wonderful surprise.”

New York learns from Linda Cardellini that her favorite Season 6 episode was Episode 7, “Man with a Plan,” which featured “Sylvia’s willingness to comply with Don’s kinky demands.”

Gothamist reports that Matthew Weiner is being honored by Manhattan’s New Museum, and he’ll speak with the author A.M. Homes at the end of September in a conversation that’s open to the public.

Kevin Rahm has an idea for a Mad Men spin-off, featuring Ted and Pete as The Odd Couple in Los Angeles, according to E! Online.

Jessica Paré, and “her original beauty and elegance,” is the subject of a fashion shoot for Violet Grey, as directed by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The Huffington Post relives 2008’s top pop culture moments, including Kissing Jessica Stein which “introduces the world to Jon Hamm.”

Los Angeles Magazine has a behind-the-scenes look at its fall fashion feature, which stars James Wolk and his co-star on CBS’ The Crazy Ones, Amanda Setton.

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