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Jon Hamm Talks His New Film With Sporting News; Linda Cardellini Visits Daily Show

mm601-602-don-325This week, Sporting News interviews Jon Hamm about his new film and baseball, while Linda Cardellini shows up on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Plus, Vincent Kartheiser, Kevin Rahm and Kiernan Shipka discuss their characters. Read on for more Mad Men news:

• Jon Hamm chats with Sporting News on the set of his new movie, Million Dollar Arm. Hamm notes that even though his hometown team, the St. Louis Cardinals, hasn’t received a shout-out on Mad Men, “There was a dig at the Mets this year, which was good enough for me.”

• Linda Cardellini tells The Daily Show‘s John Oliver how “amazing” it was to walk onto the Mad Men set, especially since she was a fan of the show. Cardellini is also interviewed by The Huffington Post.

• Speaking with New York about Sally’s trajectory, Kiernan Shipka says, “Next season I sort of see Sally in that downward spiral. There’s not much room for her to go back up.” Shipka also tells E! Online that the fans are sympathetic with Sally’s plight (where she caught Don and Sylvia together).

• Kevin Rahm talks to the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press about Ted and Don, as well as Ted and Peggy.

• New York talks to Vincent Kartheiser about Bob Benson making a pass at Pete and how he’s “always impressed with how they’ve managed to make my performance palatable.”

• The Associated Press calls Season 6 “a satisfying, illuminating season well served by the superb cast” and wonders, “How can Don begin the process of redeeming himself?”

• Rolling Stone posts an entire list of “the most alarming, mind-blowing moments” from Season 6, from Don smoking hash to Don and Betty sleeping together.

• One of TV’s most shocking moments this year, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, was Sally seeing Don and Sylvia together: “We hope Don was as shocked as we were.”

• Fashionista chats with Kiernan Shipka about Sally’s wardrobe, which she sees as “a little bit more trendy.”

• The Huffington Post learned 10 style lessons from the “distinctive ’68 wardrobe” on display in Season 6.

• HitFix puts Jon Hamm on its list of deserving Emmy nominees for best drama actor because he “continues to do incredible work playing this iconic character.”

• HitFix‘s list of actors who could win long-awaited Emmys this year includes Jon Hamm (“surely they can throw Hamm a bone before Mad Men makes its groovy exit”).

• Indiewire runs the “press release” that Sterling Cooper & Partners “sent out” to announce the new name and logo for the firm.

• Brand New, a site that analyzes corporate branding, reviews the design of Sterling Cooper & Partners’ new logo.

• In a Q&A with 1stdibsMad Men‘s set decorator, Claudette Didul, talks about finding furniture for the sets and shares, “Sometimes there’s that ‘Oh my god we found this piece!’ The hunt excites me.”

• Rich Sommer, interviewed by The Huffington Post, says that David Morse, his co-star off-Broadway in The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin, “sets a tone and I think a lot of the tone does come from David’s character. I have no choice but to at least try and play ball with him.”

• Gothamist checks out the cultural references from the last episode.

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