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Mad Men on Top of THR, EW, and People‘s Best of 2012 Lists; EW Lauds Jessica Paré


This week, Mad Men continues to dominate in the yearly best-of
retrospective lists, while Entertainment Weekly can’t get enough
of Jessica Paré’s breakthrough performance as Megan. Read on for more Mad Men news:

Mad Men is The Hollywood Reporter‘s No. 2 show of the year: “It’s hard to depict 1965 without falling into rote imagery and concerns, and this series deftly avoided those pitfalls.”

People also puts Mad Men at No. 2 because it “hit a stretch of greatness in Season 5.” [No link]

Entertainment Weekly rates Mad Men one of the year’s top five shows, describing Season 5 as “unbuttoning in the 1960s, with characters taking trips both geographical and chemical.”

Entertainment Weekly also praises Jessica Paré for her Season 5
performance; she “infused Megan with passion and compassion, purity and
purpose.” [No link]

Mad Men lands No. 2 on Salon‘s Blue Glow Awards because “it remains the best thing on television: smarter, deeper, sadder, weirder than any of its competitors.”

The Miami Herald names Mad Men one of the year’s best because the drama is a “fascinating panorama of the entropic decline of a tiny societal bubble.”

Slate‘s top TV moments of the year includes Lane sitting in his new Jaguar in Episode 12, “Commissions and Fees.”

• In its list of 2012’s best TV, Wired calls Season 5, Episode 11, “The Other Woman” a “nearly perfect episode of television.”

Variety assesses Jon Hamm’s chance at winning the SAG award for best drama actor: “Don Draper remains the emotionally smoldering center of Mad Men.” [No link]

Entertainment Tonight flashes back to Mad Men‘s and Jon Hamm’s wins at the 2008 Golden Globes.

StyleList‘s best dressed list of 2012 includes Kiernan Shipka (see slides 41 and 42 in the slideshow), heralded for “her sweet dresses and pastel color palette.”

New York Magazine highlights a Christmas card featuring Don and this greeting: “What you call Christmas was invented by guys like me to sell cards.”

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