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Six Ways to Dine Like a Mad Man This Holiday Season

The arrival of Thanksgiving this week means there’s no better time to celebrate the joys of a full stomach. Whether you’re looking for the traditional feast or just a good meal with great friends, here are six ideas for dining Mad Men-style.

1. Invite some friends over for a casual meal. Request your guests bring brownies from William Greenberg Desserts in Manhattan (stick them in the freezer for a special treat). Then make sure your kitchen faucet is in good working order.

2. Swing by one of the few remaining Howard Johnson’s for fried clams (Ginsberg’s favorite) and orange sherbet (Don’s recommendation). One tip: If you don’t love the sherbet, keep that to yourself.

3. Return to the roots of Thanksgiving — the Pilgrims’ safe escape from British tyranny — at an English pub with a plate full of “mushy peas” and “bangers and mash.” Wash it down with a pint of cold beer.

4. Dress up for a romantic dinner with your special someone. Although La Caravelle closed in 2004, Minetta Tavern is still going strong. (It’s also ideal for proposals.)

5. Treat yourself to a steak at a red-meat joint like Danny’s Hideaway on what used to be referred to as “Steak Row” in Manhattan. Danny’s Hideaway is now out of business but The Palm now has nearly 30 locations nationwide.

6. Hit up the Oyster Bar for fresh-from-the-bay seafood. The Grand Central Station location makes it a perfect first stop for NYC locals and last stop for commuters.

BONUS: Once you’ve eaten, have a drink. Head over to the nearest Trader Vic’s for a Mai Tai.

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