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Mad Men Season 5 Interviews With the Cast – The Men


One great way to go deeper into Mad Men‘s fifth season is to check out’s exclusive interviews with the cast. This week, take a look back at Season 5 interviews with the men of Mad Men. Below is a sampling of what the actors had to say about everything from LSD to Lane’s death. Click on the actor’s name to read the full text.

– “People recognize human frailties and foibles and f***-ups and identify with it, honestly. Superman is a cartoon character. He’s not a real person. And no one is without sin, without mistakes.” — Jon Hamm (Don Draper)

– “I think that’s what’s good about the show. Just when you think you know these people and you think you can put them in a box, they act in a way that surprises you.” — John Slattery (Roger Sterling)

– “These characters are…written in a way that extracts that character out of your soul… The writing is so strong that it’s like your bulletproof vest as an actor.” — Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell)

– “Such a massive amount of detail is put into the authenticity of every single character line’s progression. And if you dig down into it, you’ll discover answers to why Matt [Weiner] has you say things… There are clues in the dialogue.” — Jared Harris (Lane Pryce)

– “I would go into a fitting with [Janie Bryant] and try on a whole bunch of things, and if it didn’t sort of creep her out or make her step back and sort of smile and look at me sympathetically then that outfit didn’t make it to air.” — Ben Feldman (Michael Ginsberg)

– “It was tragic and fantastic, and very, very sad for the story and our experience there working… But I thought he did a very good dead body, that Jared Harris. It was very authentic looking, I have to say.” — Aaron Staton (Ken Cosgrove)

– “You’re talking about two of my favorite characters, [Lane and Pete], so to have these two guys go at it and have Lane initiate it was just brilliant.” — Rich Sommer (Harry Crane)

– “We had a few laughs about the fat suit… It’s not real skin, and it’s on her neck… There’s one scene where Henry goes to kiss her on the neck and, I’m not going to sugarcoat it, it’s odd.” — Christopher Stanley (Henry Francis)

– “The women have become more beautiful and the men more handsome if that’s possible. And the brilliance of Matthew Weiner and the writers, what they come up with season after season… I’m always shocked by that…it’s remarkable.” — Robert Morse (Bertram Cooper)

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