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In THR, Vincent Kartheiser on Pete’s Angst; in TV Guide, Elisabeth Moss on Peggy Resigning

This week, Elisabeth Moss discusses Peggy’s resignation scene with TV Guide, and Vincent Kartheiser talks about Pete with The Hollywood Reporter. Plus, Matthew Weiner talks through Season 5’s “Far Away Places” with Entertainment Weekly. Read on for more:

Talking to TV Guide about shooting Peggy’s resignation, Elisabeth Moss reveals that “every single one of those tears in that scene was pretty real.”

Vincent Kartheiser characterizes Pete to The Hollywood Reporter: “He’s not a complete person. He’s missing a certain part of himself and he’s trying to find something to fill that.”

Entertainment Weekly speaks with Matthew Weiner about writing Season 5, Episode 6, “Far Away Places,” calling it “the most structurally daring hour of television we’ll see this year.”

According to The Huffington Post, Jon Hamm calls Mad Men “the singular thing I could point to in my life that I’m most proud of, from a work-related standpoint.”

The Hollywood Reporter says that Kiernan Shipka and other celebrities have pledged their CD collections to fund autism research.

One of The Huffington Post‘s favorite explosive moments of the TV season just past is Jessica Paré’s rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou” in the Season 5 premiere.

The Contra Costa Times‘ dream Emmy ballot includes Mad Men (drama series), Jon Hamm (lead actor) and Elisabeth Moss (lead actress).

The Huffington Post imagines Oscar Wilde penning Mad Men since the two have a lot in common, such as the “glamour, the banter, the covert homosexuality.”

Ad Age highlights Ogilvy’s office in Paris, complete with “a new lounge and meeting space for clients that’s appointed entirely with Mad Men era furniture and accessories.” reports that Rich Sommer will participate in a benefit production of King Lear, which will star Jeffrey DeMunn (late of The Walking Dead) in the title role.

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