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Vanity Fair Applauds Jon Hamm; NY Times Calls Vincent Kartheiser L.A.’s Poster Boy


This week, Vanity Fair compares Jon Hamm to De Niro and Pacino, while The New York Times cites Vincent Kartheiser as a poster boy for Los Angeles. Read on for more:

Vanity Fair‘s editor cites Jon Hamm as a TV actor who can present “complex portraits of manhood not seen since the golden days of De Niro and Pacino.” Kiernan Shipka is featured in an accompanying photo spread. [No link]

A New York Times op-ed on Los Angeles’ urbanization notes that Vincent Kartheiser commutes on the subway to the Mad Men set.

Christina Hendricks pays a visit to fellow redhead Conan O’Brien.

BlackBerry App World Store features the Mad Men Job Quiz game for PlayBook.

New York Magazine interviews Ben Feldman (Michael Ginsberg), who credits costume designer Janie Bryant with “making sure that everything I wore looked just ridiculous enough.”

Jessica Paré speaks with The Globe and Mail about the Season 5 premiere. Billboard reports, Paré’s “Zou Bisou Bisou” debuted at No. 1 on World Digital Songs. [No link]

Entertainment Weekly spotlights Mad Men‘s use of Dusty Springfield’s “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” in this season’s premiere.

CNBC interviews the mother of the twins who take turns playing Joan’s son, Kevin.

Vanity Fair takes a closer look at Seconal, the drug Pauline gave Sally Draper in Episode 4, “Mystery Date.”

New York Magazine proposes reality shows to partner with other AMC dramas now that AMC has a drama (Mad Men) and a reality show (The Pitch) about advertising.

The Associated Press examines fashions of the mid-’60s and how they might affect the look of Mad Men‘s characters.

Rich Sommer appears on E!’s The Soup.

The Huffington Post takes a closer look at the Richard Speck murders referenced in last week’s episode. Meanwhile, Gothamist investigates the “thing in Bedford-Stuyvesant” mentioned by Dawn.

The Huffington Post is a fan of Joan’s storyline, commenting that she “may well go down in the cultural record book as a quintessential American female role model.”

The Huffington Post presents Key of Awesome’s “zombie ad agency mashup,” parodying Mad Men and The Walking Dead.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s TV writer cites Mad Men as one of “the dramas I’m most eager to see each week.” 

The Fresno Bee speaks with Vincent Kartheiser, who claims he “can go just about anywhere without being recognized.”

The Kansas City Star polls its audience about which actor wore a fat suit best. January Jones is one choice, along with Courtney Cox (Friends) and Mike Myers (Austin Powers).

Flavorwire is keeping track of which Mad Men character has the best Season 5 lines.

Gather reports that Larisa Oleynik, who plays Ken’s wife, “was someone you might recognize if you were a Nickelodeon fan” since she starred in The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Business Insider cites Mad Men‘s influence for the resurgence in the use of the word “secretary.”

Game Industry News features a new Mad Men role-playing game “rich in self-referential humour.”

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