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Q&A – Laura Ramsey (Joy)


Laura Ramsey, who plays Don Draper’s Season 2, Episode 11 fling in Mad Men, reminisces about her start in show business and the thrill of picking up Don in a convertible.

Q: The reality show The Real Cancun is worlds apart from Mad Men. How did you get from one to the other?

A: My life is also worlds apart from when I was an 18-year-old girl from a small town of 800. I suppose the transition in my personal life echoes my growth in my career.

Q: Many fans have commented that “The Jet Set” has a unique vibe to it. What do you think makes this particular episode special?

A: “The Jet Set” seems to be the only episode that really captures that “gypset” lifestyle that was really kicking off at the time. It’s about a spirit that mixed the jet set with the infancy of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Q: How did you prepare for the role? What did you know about Joy before shooting?

A: Without getting into my personal routine before I shoot, the minute I saw the wardrobe I was transformed immediately. The energy and direction just made it all happen so naturally once we got into it. The team did such an amazing job of setting a feeling on set. It all made sense and was absolutely perfect.

Q: Joy is a very free spirit. Do share any of her characteristics? Have you ever dreamed of living the “jet set” life?

A: Honestly, parts of my life are not that far off. It’s very familiar to me. Life is pretty good sometimes.

Q: That dinner looked pretty extravagant. Did you get to eat any of the props?

A: I didn’t eat very much as I was in character, in that Joy would have been more focused on the drink and smoke.

Q: What’s the most interesting dinner party you’ve ever been to?

A: There are too many to pick from. We have such an eclectic group of friends that it’s never boring.

Q: “The Jet Set” episode is very “New York” vs. “L.A.” Which side do you come down on?

A: You think so? I didn’t get that from the episode. I personally don’t even try to compare New York and L.A. To me, they are just way too different.

Q: Was it fun to drive that convertible?

A: I almost drove off with that car. So beautiful. I would have to say that was my favorite moment of all.

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