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What You’re Saying About Jane Versus Joan

As Mad Men encores continue on AMC and VOD, fans are turning to the Talk forum with questions about their favorite characters. One Maddict is curious about the contrast between Joan and Jane, particularly in regard to their relationships with Roger Sterling. Read below to see some responses, then click here to see the full thread.

• “I wish Joan would have more run ins with Jane. I love how she can rip someone apart with her words.” — yaltsjenni

• “Jane is like a new tricycle for [Roger]: she’ll get rusty one day. Joan is like his favorite Teddy bear. Her eye could fall off, but there will always be a special place in his heart for her.” — Penny

• “He dabbled with Joan, but even though their match seemed perfect, neither one for whatever reason wanted to make the match permanent… [He] asks Jane to marry him because she is something “new” and Roger thinks this is the answer.” — Stolen Kisses

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