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What You’re Saying About Why Don Cheats

As AMC airs encore presentations of Mad Men‘s past seasons every Sunday at 6AM | 5C, Maddicts are reconnecting with the series and each other by asking questions about their favorite characters. One Mad Men Talk forum user wonders, “Why does Don cheat?” Read below to see what some fellow fans think, then click here to join the conversation.

• “He cheats because at that point in time, with his job and his looks, it was way easier ‘to cheat’ than to ‘not cheat’.” — mr. salty

• “Don spelled out his world-view in the first episode, ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’…. If that’s how he sees life…..Why NOT cheat?….especially when there is a seemingly endless supply of beautiful and willing women who don’t seem to care if he’s married?” — BedMadeOfMoney

• “Compartmentalization is Don’s way of life. And all the ‘compartments’ are separate.” — LavenderHaze

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