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Emmy Wins Predicted for Mad Men and Slattery; Hendricks Talks Style With People Mag


This week’s Mad Men news? Emmy coverage convtinues with votes of confidence for John Slattery and Christina Hendricks; Hendricks also discusses the outfit she’ll be wearing to the big event. Read on for more.

• In the Emmy race for Outstanding Actor in a Drama, says, the edge “has to go to the Mad Men star” John Slattery. also predicts that Mad Men will win its fourth straight Outstanding Drama Series Emmy and that Supporting Actress nominee Christina Hendricks “submitted a wonderful showcase in ‘The Summer Man.'”

• Christina Hendricks reveals to People Weekly that her dress at the Emmys will evoke “Old Hollywood glamour.” [No link.]

• Series creator Matthew Weiner claims he’s “been mostly Peggy in [his] career” in an interview with Daily Beast.

The New York Times offers recommendations to fans awaiting Season 5 of Mad Men, including the novel The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit and the movie The Sweet Smell of Success.

Ad Age interviews Janie Bryant, who reveals that in the episode “Shoot,” “Betty Draper alone had fourteen different costume changes.”

People Weekly provides a recipe for a Don Draper Red Eye: Glass of beer, 1 oz. vodka (optional), Tomato juice. [No link.]

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Mad Men has received a Hollywood Post Alliance nomination in the category of Outstanding Color Grading, Television.

CNN International continues coverage of Fall TV airwaves, which they say will be filled with Mad Men “copycats,” such as Pan Am and The Playboy Club. also notes that “Mad Men is everywhere” in the TV lineup, citing Fox’s Pan Am and NBC’s Playboy Club. cites Mad Men in an article about smoking on screen, saying it’s “an important part of movie mythology.”

The Kansas City Star quotes AMC president Charlie Collier on the success of Mad Men and AMC’s other originals: “We’re above the timberline now. Things we’re doing are getting noticed.” references Mad Men in a story about the rise of domineering masculine characters on television.

• The Arizona Republic picks its favorite pieces from the Banana Republic collaboration to help readers “channel Betty, Peggy, and Joan.” [no link]

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