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What You’re Saying About a Mad Men-Inspired Father’s Day Gift


There’s a perfect Father’s Day present for every Maddict’s dad and every dad who’s a Maddict so when the Mad Men blog suggested eight series-inspired gift ideas, fans of the series picked up the charge with their own list of suggestions. Read below to see what the Mad Men fans have in mind.

• “If he likes modern art, the op art piece of art that’s on Roger’s office wall in Season 4. Or if you have the bucks, a Warhol.” — MadMenSuz3.0

• “How about a set of Mad Men cocktail glasses? I can’t find them anywhere” — Stefano Matozzo

• “How ’bout a Bert Cooper-inspired gift to dad: A copy of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand” — ericcooley

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