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Mad Men Actors Talk About Staging Stunts and Acting Drunk


Life is far from dull when you’re an actor on Mad Men. Sometimes you’re doing stunts, other times you’re playing drunk, and you’re always impeccably dressed. spoke with some Season 4 cast members for behind-the-scenes insights on shooting a memorable scene.

• Mark Moses on fighting:
“The more choreographed [the fight], the easier it actually is because [of] the wrestling, scraping, tossing, sloppiness — to make it look real tends to be harder to do because you don’t have as many succinct moves.”

• January Jones on slapping Kiernan Shipka:
“[Kiernan Shipka]’s a very professional young actress and she goes for it. We had a stunt coordinator there so everything was done very safely, but I do have to make contact to make it look real.”

• Randee Heller on Miss Blankenship’s makeup:
“When they first made me up I said, ‘My god, she looks like she’s well into her 70s.'”

• Robert Morse on Jon Hamm’s acting:
“I’ve seen a lot of movies and a lot of TV and a lot of actors play drunk scenes, but I have never seen one as brilliant as Jon Hamm did in that episode.”

• Mark Moses on giving a drunk speech:
“Initially [Matthew Weiner] wanted [Duck] to be just kind of stand-up drunk and pretty literate … but it didn’t come off quite as drunk as we wanted. So we went back and forth with the levels of how drunk he was.”

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