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Mad Men Season 4 Interviews – The Women has already served up a collection of quotes from the Season 4 interviews with Mad Men‘s male cast members. Now this week, the ladies get a turn in the spotlight. Kick off 2011 by reading full interviews with many of the actresses who make Mad Men so special.

• “Usually [Kiernan Shipka]’s more comfortable than I am with the stuff that I have to
do, but we kind of have to find some sort of peace with it.” — January Jones (Betty Francis)

• “When I was a kid I couldn’t hide anything on my face. My dad would be like, “Don’t look at me like that,” and I’d be like what?” — Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris)

• “We’re actually wearing more clothes than I would be wearing if I wasn’t
taking my clothes off…everything is just pulled down to create the
illusion that you’re naked.” — Elisabeth Moss (Peggy Olson)

• “I really liked the fall in Episode 9 — the trip. It was my first time doing a really big stunt and I thought it was fun.” — Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper)

• “The scene we did when we’re both in bed — that really intimate scene before he leaves [my hotel room] — was my favorite scene to shoot in the whole season. Or maybe in my life.” — Jessica Paré (Megan)

• “I got to curse and scream at this
imaginary boyfriend, and [Faye] does it so well. I just think, boy is she
articulate, she says what she wants, she tells him off, and she’s just
really clear.” — Cara Buono (Dr. Faye Miller)

• “I felt like somebody came into my body and my whole body adjusted. I think there was a Miss Blankenship out there just saying, ‘Hey, I’m coming in,’ and she landed inside me.” — Randee Heller (Ida Blankenship)

• “There’s a long line of pretty fabulous women that have slept with Don Draper, so you certainly feel that pressure.” — Alexa Alemanni (Allison)

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