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Mad Men Season 4 Interviews – The Crew


Behind every great television show is a tireless and dedicated crew, and Mad Men is no exception. Having aggregated Season 4 cast interviews with the women of Mad Men and the men of Mad Men, the Mad Men blog now trains its spotlight on last year’s Q&As with some of the talented people behind the scenes.

• “I’ve become better at calling people and saying, ‘I need this type of piece, do you have it?’ instead of going to stores all the time, but I really do love the hunt.” — Janie Bryant (Costume Designer)

• “We couldn’t tell [talent agencies] this was going to be Don’s future wife. We needed to just tell people that they’re really going to want to come in for this part.” — Carrie Audino and Laura Schiff (Casting Directors)

• “There’s a whole section of recipes and party menus, all of which are extremely period-correct and extremely disgusting. I recommend those for the daring.” — Dyna Moe (Mad Men Illustrator)

• “The first episode is always incredibly challenging, especially this year just being in a new space and a new environment.” — Phil Abraham (Director)

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