It’s 1968. Megan and Don vacation in Hawaii. Don meets and accidentally exchanges lighters with fellow veteran PFC Dinkins.

Don returns to SCDP. Looking at boards for Dow oven cleaner, Don lectures the creatives on the word “love.” Roger learns his mother has passed away. A drunk Don vomits at the funeral.

Ken confronts Bob Benson about his efforts to ingratiate himself with the executives. Don pitches a Royal Hawaiian campaign but the Sheraton reps say it suggests suicide.

The Drapers host a New Year’s Eve celebration with their neighbors, Arnold and Sylvia Rosen. When Arnold is called into work, Don secretly visits Sylvia for a tryst at the Rosens’ apartment downstairs.

In a flashback, a young Dick Whitman and his pregnant stepmother, Abigail, move into a rooming house.

Pete sleeps with his neighbor, Brenda. Trudy later confronts Pete about his infidelity and kicks him out.

Heinz baked beans rep Raymond Geiger brings a Heinz ketchup rep to meet with SCDP. Stan tells Peggy, who discloses the confidential information to Ted.

Megan confesses her miscarriage to Sylvia and later tells Don.

Don has dinner with Arnold and Sylvia. Arnold excuses himself for work. Don and Sylvia go back to her apartment for a tryst. Sylvia cautions against falling in love.

Ken and Harry meet with Ken’s father-in-law, Ed Baxter, to propose a TV special sponsored by Dow Chemical. Joan fires Scarlett for lying about her work hours. Harry overrules Joan.

Against Raymond’s wishes, SCDP pitches a campaign for Heinz ketchup. As they leave, Pete, Don and Stan see Ted and Peggy on their way in. Neither agency gets the account. Raymond fires SCDP.

Don grows jealous watching Megan film a love scene in the soap opera To Have and To Hold.

Peggy and Abe hunt for an apartment while Ginsberg’s father sets him up on a date.

Megan wins an ANDY award for her work at SCDP. News of Martin Luther King Jr.’s death interrupts the ceremony. Later, Don watches news of the D.C. riots.

Henry tells Betty he’s considering running for state senate.

Don loses the Jaguar account. Roger pursues a lead with Chevrolet. SCDP goes public at $11 a share.

Pete sees his father-in-law, Tom Vogel, with a prostitute. Tom pulls his Vicks account from SCDP.

In Detroit, Don and Ted merge SCDP and CGC to win the Chevy account together.

CGC employees move into the SCDP office. The merged agency works on new business with Fleischmann’s Margarine. Pete receives an urgent call from his mother, Dot, who is at his city apartment.

Don and Sylvia meet in a hotel room. After sex, he orders her to stay and wait for him. Don returns after a Mohawk Airlines meeting. Sylvia ends their affair. He begs, but she doesn’t relent.

Bob finds Joan in pain and escorts her to the hospital. Later, the partners discuss personnel cuts. Jim Cutler suggests firing Bob, but Joan suggests he fire someone else.

Sylvia calls Don at work and orders him to stop loitering in her hallway.

Jim announces Frank Gleason’s death. He calls in a doctor who administers an energy serum to the agency’s employees. The creatives work on new ideas for Chevy as Don loses track of time and works on a campaign of his own to win Sylvia back.

In a flashback, an ill Dick Whitman is cared for by a prostitute. Later, Abigail beats Dick for having sex with the prostitute.

At the Drapers’, Sally is left alone with Bobby and Gene. A burglar enters, pretending to be Don’s mother. Upon arriving home to find police, Don collapses.

Duck Phillips, now a headhunter, talks with Pete about job opportunities.

At Bobby’s summer camp, Don and Betty, slim again, sleep together. Later, Don admits to Megan that he hasn’t been there for her.

Roger’s daughter rebukes him for taking her son to a scary movie. Joan tells Roger he can’t be part of Kevin’s life because she can’t count on him being around.

Peggy accidentally stabs Abe in the stomach while trying to protect herself in their apartment. Abe breaks up with her in the ambulance.

Bob gives Pete a recommendation for a nurse for Dot.

Joan has lunch with the head of marketing at Avon Cosmetics. She excludes Pete from the account.

At a party in California, Don smokes hashish. He hallucinates Megan and PFC Dinkins, who claims to be dead. Don sees himself floating face-down in the pool. Roger pulls him out.

Jim invites Bob to join the Chevy team.

Cooper reveals the agency’s new name: Sterling Cooper & Partners.

Don helps Sylvia’s son, Mitchell, avoid being drafted by the military.

SC&P makes progress with both Ocean Spray and Sunkist, but can’t keep both accounts.

Pete fires Manolo after learning that Dot is infatuated with him.

Bob insinuates that he is attracted to Pete.

Sally catches Don in bed with Sylvia.

Betty tells Don, Sally doesn’t want to visit anymore. Later, Don and Megan run into Ted and Peggy at the movie theater. Megan speculates about Ted and Peggy’s relationship.

Pete takes over the Chevy account after Ken is accidentally shot by a Chevy rep. Pete tries, and fails, to get Bob off the account. Pete enlists Duck to help get rid of Bob. Duck learns that Bob has falsified his life story.

Sally interviews for Miss Porter’s boarding school and stays overnight at a dorm. Glen Bishop sneaks in with a friend, Rolo. They drink and smoke. Rolo makes a pass at Sally. She rebuffs him and claims he forced himself on her. Glen beats up Rolo.

Don saves Ted by lying to St. Joseph’s, convincing them to increase their commercial budget. Later, Don says Ted’s judgment is impaired because Ted’s in love with Peggy.

At a bar, a drunk Don punches a minister and goes to jail. He later tells Megan he’s gotten out of control. Don announces plans to move to California to work on Sunkist. Megan can continue her acting career there.

Pete receives a telegram: His mother is lost at sea after presumably falling off a cruise ship. Pete insists that Manolo kidnapped Dot and names Bob an accessory to murder. In Detroit, Bob embarrasses Pete in front of the Chevy executives. Pete is taken off the account.

Sally is suspended from boarding school for buying alcohol with a fake ID.

Don pitches a campaign the Hershey’s reps love. He then interrupts and reveals he was an orphan raised in a whorehouse. Don tells Ted to go to California instead. After confessing he loves her, Ted tells Peggy he’s leaving.

Don tells Megan they’re not going to California. She storms out of the apartment.

The partners put Don on leave for his erratic behavior, refusing to give a return date. On his way out, Duck Phillips and Lou Avery from Dancer Fitzgerald enter the office.

Don drives Sally, Bobby and Gene to the rooming house where Don grew up. They stand in front of the house, looking up.