• Joy is a free-spirited young woman Don encounters while in Los Angeles on business. At the hotel's poolside bar, a European count named Willy introduces Don to Joy, noting that she's had her eye on him. Willy is taken aback when Don declines a dinner invitation. "That never happens," Willy remarks. "Why would you deny yourself something you want?" coos Joy when she runs into Don the next day, enticing him to accompany her to Palm Springs.

    At a swank hillside house, Don charms Joy's Euro jet-set crowd, and that evening he and Joy make love. When Willy later drops by and says about Joy, "I make beautiful babies," Don realizes that she is Willy's daughter. Joy's companions tire of Palm Springs and plan to slip off to the Bahamas. "It's what we do," says Joy when Don asks why. In between kisses, she invites Don to join them, saying that her father will take care of Don because Don is beautiful and doesn't talk too much, but Don declines and they part ways.