• Joey Baird is a freelance graphic artist hired by Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Joey and Peggy Olson work together on several accounts, including Sugarberry Ham and Mountain Dew. Joey's flouting of office protocol irritates Peggy, as does his dismissal of Don Draper as a drunk, but the two get along reasonably well until Joey disrespects Joan Harris. "We're Creative, and she's an overblown secretary," Joey tells Peggy, who argues that Joan and Lane Pryce "basically run this place."

    Ignoring Peggy's advice to be more considerate, Joey sketches an offensive cartoon of Joan and Lane. After Joan discovers the drawing, Peggy orders Joey to apologize. He refuses, commenting that women have no sense of humor. Peggy fires him, holding her ground even after he agrees to apologize. "Well, I was wrong about you," Joey mutters before leaving the office.

  • Matt Long is perhaps best known for his work as the natural leader who seemed to have everything going for him in the critically acclaimed WB series Jack and Bobby, which co-starred Christine Lahti. More recently, Long starred as young attorney in David Hemingson's The Deep End on ABC.

    Long's film credits include Mark Steven Johnson's Ghost Rider, in which he portrayed young Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) and Universal's Sydney White opposite Amanda Bynes.

    Born and raised in Winchester, Kentucky, Long moved to New York to pursue an acting career following graduation from Western Kentucky University. His manager spotted him on stage at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachussetts. He currently resides in Los Angeles.