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Anna Draper

  • Anna Draper was the wife of the real Donald Draper, the late army lieutenant whose identity Dick Whitman/Don Draper assumes. In the early 1950s, Anna tracks down Don and accuses him of impersonating her husband. Don denies it at first, but later admits the truth. The two become close friends and remain legally married. Don provides Anna with a house in Southern California and covers her expenses. When Don meets Betty, Anna consents to a divorce, confident that starting a family will give Don "a chance at a whole new life." Don continues providing for Anna but doesn't disclose the arrangement to Betty.

    A decade later, with his marriage to Betty in jeopardy, Don visits Anna in California. "The only thing keeping you from being happy is the belief that you are alone," she tells him. Don returns to New York hoping to repair his marriage but fails. Two years later, now divorced from Betty, Don returns to Southern California and learns that Anna has terminal cancer. At her family's request, Don does not reveal his knowledge, and he and Anna reminisce before he departs for New York. "I know everything about you," says Anna, "and I still love you." Back in New York, Don sees the ghostlike presence of Anna carrying a suitcase. She smiles at him, turns, and then fades away. At daybreak, Don learns that Anna has died. Weeping, Don describes her to Peggy as "the only person in the world who really knew me."