Season 1, Episode 10


While the D.P.D. gets close to solving Brendan's murder, Frank is forced to make a critical decision. Damon makes his boldest move yet.

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At police headquarters, Frank tells Geddes and Lt. Dawson that he refuses to accept Sean's confession. In an interrogation room, he tears up Sean's detailed, hand-written confession, then grills Sean with questions about Brendan's murder. Sean answers everything perfectly.

In his office, Lt. Dawson tells Frank he can't ignore Sean's confession. Frank then glares at Geddes. "You didn't have to do it you know. She loved me, she wouldn't have talked," he says, referring to Katia. Boyd barges into the office and arrests Frank for carjacking the woman at the airport.

Skelos is picked up by his driver. At a stoplight, Damon and Nick rear-end Skelos's car, then hop out and shoot Skelos and his driver dead.

In a holding room, Boyd accuses Frank of killing Brendan over a girl. "There are deals that could be cut," he suggests. Frank demands to see his lawyer and A.P.A. Curtright.

At her sister's house, Maya swears that she's finally leaving Damon for good. "If you even think about taking the kids back, I will rip your life apart," her sister threatens.

At the trap house, Sean walks Dani, Geddes and Lt. Dawson through the events surrounding Billy Hobson's murder and shows them the sink where he claims to have drowned Brendan. Dani is skeptical.

Frank asks his lawyer to represent Sean. He then tells A.D.A. Curtright that Boyd's investigation could lead to the Lady Belle case falling apart. Curtright agrees they should wait for the Lady Belle conviction before addressing Boyd's murder accusations.

As Frank leaves the office, Boyd angrily tells him he should have cut a deal. Frank violently shoves Boyd into a wall.

Frank finds Maya at her sister's house and tells her Sean confessed to murders he didn't commit. He convinces her to be Sean's alibi by threatening to arrest her in front of her kids.

Damon and Nick put Skelos' body in the trunk of his car, then drive it to auto junkyard, where Gus promises to scrap both Skelos' vehicle and the car they used to rear end him. Damon and Nick head to Flint to lay low.

On the steps of the courthouse, Lt. Dawson tells the press he's confident they have the right man. Nearby, Frank's lawyer tells him they can help Sean if they're able to convince the judge Sean isn't competent enough to enter a guilty plea.

Mrs. Hobson interrupts Lt. Dawson's press conference, waving the photo of Damon that Frank gave her. "Tell them what you told me," she demands, looking at Frank. Frank ignores her. In front of reporters, she calls the D.P.D. "nothing but liars."

Inside county lockup, Maya asks Sean why he's confessing. "You're the one who put me here," he says, blaming her for getting him hooked on coke and giving up on him. She tells him to go to hell. As Sean is led away, he tells his guard not to admit any visitors or lawyers.

At Geddes' house, April informs Geddes that her mother wants her to move back in. "Your mom is right, you're better off with her," Geddes responds.

Damon calls Maya to tell her Skelos is dead. Still angry at Damon, she mentions that Sean confessed to Billy Hobson's murder. After the call, Damon confidently tells Nick that he and Maya will come back to him just like she always does.

Geddes visits Frank at home and tells him Boyd called an emergency meeting for the next day. Frank reveals he's had Brendan's prepay phone all along and says they'll need to make it traceable to Sean.

Later, Frank plants the prepay phone in Sean's folder in the evidence room.

The next day at the mayor's office, Boyd tells Curtright and Deputy Mayor Cook that Frank and Geddes killed Brendan. He lays out his case, including new evidence from the coroner about the degree of digestion of Brendan's last meal that puts his time of death in doubt. Dani reveals that she wore a wire to record Frank talking about Katia, who Boyd thinks lured Bobek to his death. Lt. Dawson reminds everyone that they have a suspect who's already confessed, along with a prepay phone linking him to Brendan.

"You wore a wire," Frank says, confronting Dani during a break. "You're a coward," she counters.

As Damon crosses the parking lot of his motel in Flint, two masked men pull up in a car. One of them gets out and guns Damon down, then takes a photo of Damon's body with his mobile phone.

Back at the mayor's office, Curtright apologizes to Frank and Geddes and says there's no reason to doubt Sean's sworn statement. Boyd laughs in disbelief as the room empties. "You know I'm right!" he screams repeatedly while angrily slamming a laptop computer against the conference table.

Frank visits Sean to say good-bye. "I told you, I'm no good," Sean says.

At police headquarters, Frank tells Lt. Dawson to "step forward and take a bow" when the Lady Belle verdict comes in. As for the family members he called about the falsified suicides, Frank suggests they pin the suicide declarations on Brendan. He then agrees to go on psych leave.

As he leaves, Frank tells Dani, "You're a good cop. If I was you, I'd pack my sh-t up."

At home, Boyd pours a drink and despondently watches the security cam footage of Frank and Geddes from Brendan's house.

At Reverend Lowdown's house, A-K shows Lowdown the photo of Damon's dead body. When Lowdown asks if there are any cops who might give them heat about the murder, A-K mentions that Maya knows Frank. Lowdown considers that for a moment, then smashes the phone.

Maya crosses to the window as Nick pulls into the driveway in Damon's car. When Nick exits the vehicle and buries his face in his hands, Maya collapses to her knees, realizing Damon is dead.

At home, Geddes tells April that her place is with him. "What about your big case?" she asks. "It's over. We got him," Geddes says.

Frank identifies Katia's body at the coroner's office and asks to make funeral arrangements. "What's the name of the deceased?" the coroner asks. Frank has no answer.

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