Season 1, Episode 9

Ann Arbor

Frank grapples with his sanity as the realities of his actions start to take their toll. Meanwhile, the D.P.D. catches a major break in the McCann case.

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Full Recap

In a flash forward, Frank sits in custody in a police car. Dispatch tells the cops holding Frank to drop him off at D.P.D.'s central precinct.

Back in the present, Frank drives back into Detroit as he listens to a talk radio host predict that Detroit's underpaid cops will eventually turn crooked. Frank nods in agreement.

At a cemetery, Frank leaves Geddes a voicemail saying he's at Brendan's grave. He then listens to a voicemail from Lt. Dawson demanding that Frank call him back immediately.

Frank barges into Lt. Dawson's house and insists he resign for leading a corrupt department. "You sign off on anything and everything that comes in front of you," Frank says, referring to the cases falsely labeled as suicides by Brendan and Geddes. "And you murdered a cop," Lt. Dawson rebuts. Lt. Dawson orders Frank to keep the truth under wraps, saying the public would burn the city down if it got out. "Maybe it needs to burn," Frank says.

Frank calls Sean, who's still staying at his house, and learns that his tail is still outside. He asks Sean to gather all of his McCann case files and meet him nearby.

Sean brings the files to Frank, admits he perused them, and asks what's going on. Frank explains that Katia is dead, then confesses to killing Brendan. "Figured it was something like that," Sean responds.

Geddes calls Frank back and says he convinced Lt. Dawson to let them pin the murders on Michael Drake. "I'm turning us in today," Frank tells him.

At a diner, Frank makes a series of anonymous phone calls to alert people that dirty cops falsely claimed their loved ones committed suicide. Trey stops by to get his truck back, and Frank reprimands him about the cocaine he found inside. "You been good to me Mr. Agnew, but you ain't my Dad," Trey responds.

Frank gets a message from Lt. Dawson, ordering him to come to the office.

Frank visits Mrs. Hobson and hands her a photo of Damon, naming him as Billy's murderer. He also confirms that Billy didn't kill anyone. "Don't let anybody tell you anything different," he says.

Frank nods off in his car and wakes up to the sound of dispatch putting out an alert for him. He walks to an abandoned public pool and strolls the grounds, lost in nostalgia. In a fit of rage, he unsuccessfully tries to kick down a door.

Frank books a flight to Germany over the phone, then goes his bank to close his account. He snaps at the teller, who says they don't have enough cash to liquidate his account. "I do the job that keeps you all safe," he roars, flashing his badge. "I don't want to hear about cash on hand. It's my money!"

Frank darts into a shipping store with a sealed package and and rips it open, slicing his hand with the box cutter in the process. He stuffs the box with cash, then orders the clerk to ship the box overnight and make sure it arrives. He gives the clerk a few hundred dollar bills as payment.

Parked near his house, Frank calls Lt. Dawson, who demands to know why people have been calling to request copies of closed case files. Frank agrees to come to the office but says he needs to be picked up from a nearby gas station because he totaled his car. Moments later, he watches as his tail drives by, on the way to pick him up. He tosses his phone out the window and hits the gas.

Frank races into his now surveillance-free house, hastily packs a bag, and after a frenzied search, locates his passport. Before getting back into his car, he screams at a demolition crew that's been leveling the house across the street. "Keep ripping them down, misery's money right?" he yells. The crew beats him up.

Frank parks at the airport terminal, staggers through the parking lot, and collapses as he has a heart attack. A blood vessel in his eye bursts. A businesswoman walking by yells for help and begins to call 911, but he stops her by waving his gun. Realizing he's going to miss his flight, he asks which car is hers, takes her keys and her phone, and leaves her with some cash.

Frank bangs on the door of his ex-wife Susan's house. She angrily lets him in and reminds him of his restraining order. After showing Frank a stack of unopened packages he sent her which she's been hiding from her husband, she threatens to call 911. Utterly distraught, he asks for help with figuring out his unraveled life.

A wail come from a nearby a baby monitor. Surprised, Frank says he thought she didn't want kids. "I didn't want kids with you," she responds. Frank starts to cry, collapses into a chair, puts his gun to his chin, and unlocks the safety. Panicking, she talks him down.

Going back to the opening scene, Frank sits in the back a cop car outside Susan's house. She declines to press charges. Per dispatch's orders, the cops drop him off at D.P.D. and tell him to stay away from Ann Arbor.

Inside the station, a cop congratulates Frank as he rides up in the elevator. Lt. Dawson and Geddes greet him, saying someone just arrived and confessed to all the murders in great detail: Brendan, Bobek, Billy Hobson. Frank opens the door to the interrogation room and sees Sean sitting at the table.

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