Season 1, Episode 8


Frank testifies in court. Geddes takes his family on a trip. Damon and Maya start their new lives under Skelos.

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At home, Frank practices testimony he's about to give in the Lady Belle murder trial, a case he worked with Geddes. He plans to testify that he and Geddes both witnessed a confession the killer made on his deathbed.

In his car, Geddes tells April about how Lady Belle was kidnapped on a street corner while waiting for the light to change, and how her family thought she'd run away. He notices a car tailing him.

On the cam house website, Frank anonymously watches Katia lounging around in her underwear. He calls Cable and asks him to track visits made to the website from a specific IP address.

In court, Frank recounts the day Lady Belle's body was discovered in a park by fourth graders on a field trip and how the body showed signs of torture, including the removal of her eye with a knife. Afterwards, A.P.A. Curtright applauds Frank for hitting a nerve with the jury. Frank takes a phone call from Sean.

As Frank bails Sean out of jail, Sean explains that he just wanted to see his kids leave school and attacked a crossing guard for calling him a pervert.

At The International, Damon and his crew discuss making a move against Skelos. Steven argues that Damon doesn't stand a chance of running Greektown if Skelos is gone and bows out.

On the Detroit P.D. rooftop, Geddes admits to Lt. Dawson that he signed off on cases in which Brendan falsely declared murders as suicides. He implicates Lt. Dawson for singing off on them as well, but says they can protect themselves if Lt. Dawson stops Dani from investigating Damon.

Frank brings Sean back to his house. After Sean complains continually about his toothache, Frank uses pliers to pull an infected tooth out of Sean's mouth.

At the courthouse, Dani tells Frank that Lt. Dawson is forcing her to investigate Michael instead of Damon, despite her conviction that Damon is guilty. Frank sides with Lt. Dawson and accuses Dani of laziness for dismissing Michael as a suspect.

In court, defense attorney Pierce argues that the case against his client is based entirely on a confession given to Frank by a dying man and accuses Frank of fabricating the story.

Frank joins Geddes outside the courtroom and says his testimony is holding up. "The guy that would say otherwise is dead," he notes. Geddes, who's about to testify, laments that he and Frank didn't remain partners after the Lady Belle case. He also mentions that he's being tailed.

Damon and Maya enter The International to find Skelos waiting for them. Damon grudgingly thanks Skelos for bailing him out, then asks him why he did so. Skelos says he knows Damon was planning to cut a deal with the police by revealing information about him, and that Geddes put a stop to it. He then tells Damon he doesn't intend to kill him and shows Damon photos of Maya's kids, noting, "You will suffer to keep these babies safe. As your father did for you."

Over dinner, Geddes tells April and his mother that he scored three tickets to see the Alvin Ailey dance theater perform in Chicago.

At home that night, Frank chats with Katia on the cam house website under an anonymous user name. When she demands he turn on his camera so she can see his face, Frank wakes Sean and briefly trains the camera on him. Frank then presses Katia for personal details, asking if she has someone special in her life who she misses. "FRANK," she finally types.

The next morning, Sean alerts Frank that he has a tail. Frank then comforts Sean, who's upset that his children didn't recognize him at the school.

At the station, Frank apologizes to Dani for criticizing her detective work. She tells him he was right, and adds that his work on the Lady Belle case was an inspiration to her. She then asks about Katia, and learns that Frank met her while she was working as a prostitute at the casinos.

Cable calls Frank to warn him that someone has been tracking Frank's visits to the chat site. "You gave someone a road map to her," he says.

In court, Frank finishes up his testimony, then storms out of the courtroom and demands that A.P.A. Curtright tell him where Geddes is. Frank learns Geddes went to Chicago.

At the boxing gym, Frank asks Trey for a ride, then ducks down in Trey's back seat as Trey's car passes by Frank's tail. When they're safely away, he asks to borrow Trey's car.

Dani secretly meets with Boyd and hands him a digital recorder containing a recording of the conversation she had with Frank in which she learned Katia was a prostitute. "Eastern European prostitute. Like the woman who lured Anton Bobek to his death," Boyd speculates. Dani insists Frank is innocent.

At The International, Nick suggests they kill Skelos at his house in the suburbs, but Maya angrily protests, saying she wants to run away instead. Damon argues that the children will be safe once Skelos is dead. "What if you miss?" she asks, and walks out.

Geddes escorts April and his mother to the Alvin Ailey show. Saying the third ticket is separate from the other two, he tells them he'll meet them afterwards in the lobby.

Boyd meets Lt. Dawson at Mario's Italian Restaurant, takes him in the back to show him a sink in the kitchen, and identifies the sink as Brendan's murder site.

In a Chicago hotel room, Geddes meets with Katia, telling her she's in danger and giving her a stack of cash to start a new life in another city. When he asks if Frank reached out to her, she hesitates.

Flashing his badge, Frank barges into the cam house and demands to know where Katia is. Breaking cameras as he goes, he frantically searches all the rooms.

At the hotel, Geddes chit-chats on the balcony with Katia, then abruptly hurls her over the balcony railing. Her body hits the ground with a loud thud.

At the cam house, Frank finds Katia's room and looks around in despair.

Geddes joins his daughter and mother in the theater lobby. April gives him a big hug.

Katia's broken body lies dead in the street.

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